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Month: October 2023

Culture TV and Radio

Banged Up review – all other prison documentaries look like pale imitations

W Wow, this is surprising: a reality TV show that actually feels authentic. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that felt genuine (even in the realm of reality TV), but Banged Up goes against the norm. I assume…

The events of episode six of The Great British Bake Off, as they unfolded.

The past few weeks have been challenging, so make sure to take care of yourself and those around you. Noel Fielding stood beside her, trying to imitate Yoda. It was unbelievable. Alison Hammond is crying now, as she attempts to…

Environment Science World News

Uncertainty persists regarding the mechanism by which sunflowers orient themselves towards light.

Sunflowers, known for their vibrant yellow petals and strong stalks, may appear to be a basic summer pleasure. However, scientists have found that these plants possess a mysterious quality – they do not follow traditional methods to follow the sun’s…


Melissa Broder, a popular Twitter personality, talks about her novel Death Valley, which delves into themes of loss and coping mechanisms, and also shares her thoughts on the concept of “the musking”. She describes her work as a chaotic and intense exploration of the human experience.

M Elissa Broder describes her third novel, “Death Valley,” as a satirical take on autobiographical fiction. The beginning of the novel loosely follows Broder’s own life, with an unnamed novelist living in Los Angeles embarking on a research trip in…

Cricket Sport

Cricketers and members of the Conservative Party are hoping for the conclusion | Short correspondences

Last week, I noticed a striking similarity between two groups that were feeling discouraged and powerless. First, there was the England cricket team, who were on the verge of being eliminated from the World Cup and lacked creativity and optimism….

Culture TV and Radio

Is this the most uneventful season of The Great British Bake Off, comparable to watching dough slowly rise?

I Maintaining a show’s appeal for 14 seasons is difficult, especially when it comes to a show like Bake Off. It’s a challenge to keep the format fresh and exciting each year, even with changes in network and hosts, and…

Climate Environment World News

The fluctuation of Earth’s systems is a clear signal: take action immediately or risk losing our already deteriorating paradise.

C Can you perceive it now? The Earth’s threshold for systemic changes – the moment when our planetary systems shift into a new balance, inhospitable to many forms of life? I believe we can. The rapid escalation of environmental disasters…

Cricket Sport

Pakistan defeats Bangladesh to maintain their chances of advancing in the Cricket World Cup.

Pakistan kept their slim hopes of reaching the World Cup semi-finals alive by dominating Bangladesh on Tuesday, winning by seven wickets. Bangladesh chose to bat first, but they were unable to bounce back from a collapse in the top-order. They…

Cricket Sport

Pakistan kept their hopes of reaching the World Cup semi-finals alive by defeating Bangladesh in a thrilling match. Here is a recap of how it all unfolded.

Today, we witnessed yet another one-sided game. Despite two thrilling matches over the weekend, the last three days have followed a more predictable pattern. Pakistan, who were involved in one of those close matches against South Africa on Friday, showed…

Rugby union Sport

Kolisi, the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, hopes that their World Cup victory will bring about positive change in the country. He believes that their success can serve as inspiration for the people of South Africa.

South Africa, the champions of the Rugby World Cup, devoted their triumph to the citizens of their country upon returning to Johannesburg. The captain, Siya Kolisi, stated: “This victory is for every individual in South Africa, regardless of their wealth…