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Month: June 2023

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In the second episode of Secret Invasion, Olivia Colman is having the most fun out of everyone.

The summary below contains plot reveals for Secret Invasion. Please refrain from reading unless you have watched the first and second episodes. Space and time In 1995, we started with a montage of Captain Marvel and witnessed a digitally enhanced…

Environment World News

In the midst of the clash between powerful forces, a fresh worldwide structure grapples to form | Written by Simon Tisdall

C The race to dominate the fast-changing global landscape of the 21st century is becoming more intense. US President Joe Biden aimed to form a strong alliance with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The European Union revealed a plan to…

Culture TV and Radio

Episode one of the Secret Invasion recap confirms that the world has indeed been infiltrated by reptilian beings masquerading as humans.

. This summary includes plot details for the first episode of Secret Invasion. Please do not continue reading if you have not watched it yet. Occasionally, those who believe in conspiracies are correct… The scene began with Everett Ross (played…

Culture TV and Radio

The best podcasts of 2023 so far

Believe in Magic Those who were captivated by Jamie Bartlett’s popular podcast, The Missing Cryptoqueen, will eagerly dive into this intricate and suspenseful mystery. It delves into the tale of Megan Bhari, who was inspired by her own battle with…

Culture TV and Radio

The best TV of 2023 so far

Atlanta Disney+ Throughout its four seasons, Donald Glover’s consistently outstanding show aimed to push the boundaries of what a single program could encompass. It seamlessly shifted between horror, satire reminiscent of Black Mirror, and rap comedy, often deviating from its…