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Month: November 2023

Rugby union Sport

Professional rugby players are filing a collective legal action in regards to brain injuries.

Nearly three years ago, former England Rugby World Cup champion Steve Thompson made a surprising announcement that he had been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. This revelation sparked a discussion within the sport, bringing to light many other players who have…

Cricket Sport

Duckett excited for opportunity as England revamps their limited overs team.

Twenty months and two days after the end of the Test series in West Indies that marked the start of England’s complete red-ball rethink, they returned to the Caribbean for the start of a new white-ball era. A new episode…

Science World News

Scientists have discovered a “heavier” planet that seems to be larger than its small host star.

Scientists have discovered a planet that is larger than expected in comparison to its smaller host star. The planet is 13 times larger than Earth and it is circling around a star known as LHS 3154, which is only nine…

Environment Science World News

10,000 naps a day: how chinstrap penguins survive on microsleeps

According to new research, chinstrap penguins can sleep for just four seconds at a time, which may seem like a torturous experience for humans. However, these penguins actually do it thousands of times a day without any negative effects. Researchers…


Matt Hancock was not informed about the eat out to help out scheme until the day it was officially announced. This was reported as it occurred.

According to Boris Johnson, the government had implemented a lockdown in care homes prior to the rest of the country. After manipulating the approach, Sedwill appears to acknowledge this by praising Hancock for his “innovative calculation methods.” When questioned about…

F1 Sport

“Bottas 2024”: Formula 1 racer collects $150,000 for a good cause through a provocative calendar.

Valtteri Bottas, a driver in Formula One, has collected $150,000 for Movember, a charity that focuses on men’s health. This was achieved through the sale of a “Bottass 2024” calendar, which showcased images of him revealing his bare backside and…

Environment World News

The sand-swimming golden mole, which was feared to be extinct, has been rediscovered after 86 years of being thought to have disappeared.

A rare, shimmering golden mole, that had not been seen since before World War II, was recently found “swimming” in the sand near the seaside town of Port Nolloth in the north-western region of South Africa. The De Winton’s golden…

Cricket Sport

The emergence of podcasts dedicated to cricket: an ideal platform for a complex sport.

I If you were a fan of cricket during the 1990s but your mother wasn’t a fan of Rupert Murdoch, you settled for whatever coverage you could find. Summertime was bearable because Test cricket was still broadcasted on terrestrial TV….


Review of “Topographia Hibernica” by Blindboy Boatclub – A Hilarious and Dark Take on Irish Culture

I In his third collection of short stories, Blindboy Boatclub, one half of Ireland’s self-proclaimed “dole-queue dadaists” and member of the comedy hip-hop duo the Rubberbandits, combines the ordinary and the bizarre, the funny and the desperate. The first story,…

Climate Environment World News

The Cop28 conference is currently live. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urges for discussions to reach a consensus on completely eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, India states that coal will continue to be their primary source of energy.

During the Cop28 summit, a high-ranking government official stressed that coal will continue to be India’s primary source of energy for the foreseeable future. India’s foreign secretary, Vinay Mohan Kwatra, stated that coal plays a crucial role in meeting India’s…