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Pakistan kept their hopes of reaching the World Cup semi-finals alive by defeating Bangladesh in a thrilling match. Here is a recap of how it all unfolded.

Today, we witnessed yet another one-sided game. Despite two thrilling matches over the weekend, the last three days have followed a more predictable pattern. Pakistan, who were involved in one of those close matches against South Africa on Friday, showed a strong sense of confidence and easily defeated Bangladesh. Shaheen Shah Afridi and Mohammad Wasim were standout bowlers, effectively shutting down any chances for Bangladesh’s Litton Das and the consistently impressive Mahmudullah.

However, the score of 205 was not a significant goal on the Eden Gardens pitch. Pakistan easily surpassed it with a confident and aggressive batting performance, led by their opening players. They have upcoming matches against New Zealand and England, and in order to advance, they must defeat both teams. Fortunately, they have shown their potential to do so in their last two games. On the other hand, Bangladesh’s disappointing World Cup continues, and they are now only playing for their pride in their remaining matches against Sri Lanka and Australia.

We have completed our tasks for today. Please continue to check the site for a match summary and come back tomorrow for an important and captivating game between South Africa and New Zealand. Thank you for reading and responding. Goodbye.

Pakistan has moved up to fifth place, only two points away from securing a spot in the top four. However, they have played one more game than all the teams ranked above them. On the other hand, Bangladesh’s hopes of advancing have been mathematically eliminated after losing their sixth consecutive match.

Fakhar Zaman, who was named player of the match, discussed the positive change in his performance today: “Following the Asia Cup, I dedicated a lot of time to practice. Luckily, I felt confident during training and was aiming to score runs. However, as we all know, cricket can be unpredictable. I got my opportunity and I am aware that I worked hard for it, which ultimately paid off. The pitch conditions do not matter to me as I am confident in my ability to hit sixes. I just had to focus on seeing off the first four overs and my primary role was to support my partner during that period.”

“Following numerous unsuccessful attempts, my goal was to score at least 30 runs. I am optimistic that I will have a successful game in the near future.”

Pakistan has scored 205 runs with 3 wickets down in 32.3 overs. Rizwan has scored 26 runs and Iftikhar has scored 17 runs. Shakib has bowled one more over, but it was not completed as Iftikhar hit a single and Rizwan hit the final winning single from the offside, securing the win for Pakistan with 17.3 overs remaining. It was a dominant and much-needed performance from Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently at 203-3 in the 32nd over, with Rizwan at 25 and Iftikhar at 16. Mehedy, who has been performing well, bowls his ninth over of the game, maintaining the all-spin strategy. Pakistan adds two singles to reach a total of 200, but they struggle to score against Mehedy’s clever legside deliveries, only managing to score five runs in the over.

In the 31st over, Pakistan’s score is 198-3 with Rizwan at 24 and Iftikhar at 12. Shakib, who has returned to the field and is now bowling, poses a challenge for Iftikhar with his change in flight and pace. Despite this, Iftikhar manages to find the gaps in the field and hits a four in front of square from a wider delivery. This may be Shakib’s final over of the day as Pakistan only needs seven runs to win.

On the 30th over, Pakistan’s score is 191-3 with Rizwan scoring 23 runs and Iftikhar scoring 6. Rizwan shows promising form as he skillfully cuts Mehedy’s delivery through the field for a four at point. A few singles also help Pakistan approach their inevitable victory.

In the 29th over, Pakistan’s score is 185-3 with Rizwan at 18 runs and Iftikhar at 5 runs. Rizwan shows his aggressive approach by hitting a slower ball from Mustafizur for a four with a slog-sweep. His next shot is a powerful one, going past mid-on for another four. The duo continues to take risky singles, with the fielder almost running out Rizwan but he was able to make it comfortably. Iftikhar also joins in on the action, hitting a four over wide mid-off. The players then take a break for drinks.

At the completion of the 28th over, Pakistan’s score is 171 for 3 with Rizwan at 9 runs and Iftikhar at 1. Mehedy almost catches a batted ball from Rizwan but it falls short. However, Hridoy successfully catches Fakhar’s shot in the deep, adding to the number of Pakistan batters who have not reached 100 in this match. Nonetheless, it has been an impressive and energetic inning. Mehidy has taken three wickets today and a total of 100 wickets in ODI matches.

Fakhar Zaman’s entertaining and energetic innings comes to a close as he hits Mehedy to the deep midwicket where Hridoy is eagerly awaiting the catch.

Fakhar leaves the field after his fine knock of 81.

In the 27th over, Pakistan’s score is 168-2 with Zaman at 81 and Rizwan at 7. Mustafizur is the bowler and Pakistan manages to get three singles from his over. Mustafizur shows good variation and movement, causing some trouble for Pakistan. They now need 37 runs from 138 balls, making for an intense game.

In the 26th over, Pakistan’s score is 165-2 with Zaman at 80 and Rizwan at 5. Zaman was initially thought to be out of practice and not in good form, but he has proven otherwise by hitting another Mehedi delivery for a six over square leg. Babar attempts a similar shot but is caught by Mahmudullah in the deep. The new batsman, Rizwan, is also playing well and scores four runs with his first ball by sweeping it square.

Time to cheer up Bangladesh fans with a gratuitous link from the first Bangladesh-Pakistan game I can remember, that memorable day at Northampton in 1999. And what a Pakistan side that was that year too.

At the 25th over, Pakistan has a score of 153-1 with Zaman at 73 and Babar at 9. Mustafizur demonstrates his skill as a bowler with four consecutive dots. This is followed by a quick single and a leg-bye, adding 3 points to the previously stagnant Extras. We have now reached the halfway point of the match, with Pakistan needing 52 points to win.

Krishnamoorthy V states that there will be a fortuitous match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, with an Indian umpire officiating.

In the 24th over, Pakistan’s score is 151-1 with Zaman at 73 runs and Babar at 8 runs. Mehidy has bowled impressively despite having limited opportunities and he begins the over with two consecutive dot balls. However, even the slightest mistake in his delivery allows Zaman to hit a six over wide long-on, which he does once again. Pakistan continues to maintain a comfortable lead.

The 23rd over saw Pakistan’s score at 142-1, with Zaman at 66 and Babar at 6. Mustafizur was brought in to bowl his fourth over, and Babar wasted no time showcasing his impressive cover drive. It resulted in a four, as expected. His next attempt was caught by a fielder, earning him only a single. Fakhar then stepped up with a powerful square cut for four.

“In the past few years….” remarked Jeremy Boyce while discussing music for middle-aged men (admitting his guilt). “If Bangladesh doesn’t perform as well as Simple Minds today and, God forbid, ends up with a lower ranking than England, they should keep in mind this wise advice from the optimistic band, The Cure.”

In the 22nd over of the match, Pakistan has scored 132 runs with only one wicket down. Shakib, who was fielding as a substitute, has been replaced by Mehidy, who takes an immediate wicket by dismissing Shafique for 68 runs. The excited Bangladeshi fans in the crowd make a lot of noise. Babar Azam, who has been performing well in the tournament but not at his usual exceptional level, comes to the crease. He starts his innings with a single run and then Fakhar attempts a rare slog that only results in two runs due to the good turn on the ball, which prevents it from going for a six.

Mehidy comes back and delivers a faster straight ball, Shafique attempts a sweep but fails. The umpire raises his finger. The batter challenges the decision but is clearly out. The ball is hitting the middle of the wicket. Bangladesh experiences a small but satisfying moment of relief.

In the 21st over of the match, Pakistan’s score is 128-0 with Shafique and Zaman scoring 68 and 58 runs respectively. The Bangladesh bowlers are struggling to find any advantage from the pitch, whether it’s the spinners or seamers. Shakib continues to bowl, attempting to find grip and spin, but the batters seem to be handling the ball easily and are able to score runs by taking singles.

In the 20th over, Pakistan’s score is 124-0 with Shafique at 66 and Zaman at 56. With their current net run rate, Pakistan is likely to move up to fifth place, especially since their remaining opponents do not include Australia, South Africa, or India. However, they do have a match against England, who are known for their high scoring games. Taskin concedes four singles before Shafique hits a six over wide long-on and lands in row C.

The score is now 114-0 for Pakistan in the 19th over (with Shafique at 58 and Zaman at 54). The team is picking up speed towards the end, and Shafique shows off his fancy footwork by moving forward and hitting Shakib’s delivery high into the air for a six. This is his first six of the match, which is surprising. There’s almost a run-out as Zaman starts running from the non-striker’s end without thinking and has to quickly turn back. They do manage to sneak in a quick single on the next ball, with Zaman eager to face Shakib again but only getting one run.

It would not be surprising if Pakistan wins by 10 wickets.

In the 18th over, Pakistan has scored 105 runs without losing any wickets. Taskin comes back to bowl his fifth over, as there’s no point in saving him for later. Shafique calmly scores a single run, reaching a graceful and impressive half-century. Zaman follows suit and hits a powerful SIX, reaching his own 50 in a way that reflects his aggressive batting performance.

According to Jeremy Boyce, “Echo and the Bunnymen” is not what Bangladesh needs at the moment. Instead, he believes they could benefit from something similar to Simple Minds.

If everything else fails, we can find comfort in the relaxing melodies of the popular songs from 1982, considered the ultimate year for pop music.

In the 17th over, Pakistan’s score is 97 for no loss with Shafique at 49 and Zaman at 46. Shakib remains the bowler and Shafique scores two twos, one on each side of the wicket, and a single. Zaman then flicks the last ball of the over for one more run.

In the 16th over, Pakistan’s score is 91-0 with Shafique at 44 and Zaman at 45. Najmul Hossain Shanto, who has struggled with batting in this tournament, is given the opportunity to bowl a few deliveries. Unfortunately, his second ball is too short and wide and is hit for a four through the covers. The only other run scored in this over is a single. It remains to be seen if this strategy will continue.

Let’s take a moment to admire the scoreboard at Eden Gardens, which has a classic design and displays the full scorecard in a traditional, non-digital format. It is reminiscent of the scoreboard at the old Adelaide Oval. Do you have a favorite scoreboard? Personally, I have always appreciated the decorated one between the City End and Hollies stand at Edgbaston, and I also have a soft spot for the old grandstand scoreboard at Lord’s. What are your top picks?

In the 15th over, Pakistan’s score is 86-0 with Shafique at 39 and Zaman at 45. Shakib takes to the pitch, hoping for a breakthrough. He delivers three balls that keep Zaman from scoring before they manage to get two singles. However, attempting to run for a double on one of the singles seems foolish considering Shafique’s previous cramp. And now it’s time for drinks.

At the 14th over mark, the score for Pakistan is 84 runs with no wickets lost. Shafique has scored 38 runs and Zaman has scored 44 runs. The Bangladesh team brings Mehedy back into the game, opting for spin once again. However, this tactic does not slow down Pakistan’s momentum as Fakhar confidently moves forward and hits yet another six over long-on. A single run is then added to the score.

Pakistan requires 122 runs in 36 overs, but stay tuned for more excitement with the net run rate.

In the 13th over, Pakistan has scored 77 runs without losing any wickets (Shafique 38, Zaman 37). Abdullah Shafique is an exceptional player, displaying his impeccable timing by hitting Mustafizur over mid-on and then effortlessly guiding the ball through midwicket for a four. He shows his strength as well as his intelligence by powerfully pulling the ball for a third boundary in this over.

In the twelfth over, Pakistan’s score is 65-0 with Shafique at 26 and Zaman at 37. Despite the game likely being unimportant, I am excited for the England vs. Pakistan match. Both teams have many talented but struggling players, so anything could happen. Shafique, who is definitely not struggling, shows off his entertaining skills by hitting a beautiful straight drive off Shoriful for four. Unfortunately, he then suffers from cramps and requires medical attention. After a brief break and some help from the physio, Shafique is ready to continue playing. When the game resumes, Fakhar Zaman hits an impressive and strategic six, similar to Gilchrist’s style. This could greatly benefit Pakistan’s net run rate.

Pakistan's Abdullah Shafique, left, and Fakhar Zaman have a moment of hesitation as they run between the wickets.

In the eleventh over, Pakistan’s score is 54 for no loss, with Shafique scoring 21 and Zaman scoring 31. Mustafizur is still bowling, but he is not seeing much movement or swing. He is opting for a similar approach as Echo and the Bunnymen, not using many cutters. However, he does attempt one that ends up being a low full-toss. Despite this, it is still a cost-effective over.

In the 10th over of the match, Pakistan’s score is 52 runs with no wickets lost. Shafique is at 20 runs and Zaman is at 30 runs. It seems that Bangladesh’s initial strong attack has been neutralized as the ball gets older. The final over of the powerplay sees Zaman hitting a stray ball from Shoriful for a four towards fine leg. Two singles are then scored. At the moment, Pakistan is not in any real danger, despite Bangladesh’s previous score of 37 for 3 at this point in the match.

“The Staggers” is the term used by the Royal Navy for what civilians refer to as “The Bends” (a depth of over 7), according to John Starbuck. This term is considered to be a more precise depiction of England’s shape.

In the ninth over, Pakistan has scored 46 runs without losing any wickets, with Shafique at 20 and Zaman at 25. The bowler Taskin Ahmed is replaced by Mustafizur, adding to the pace of the game. However, Fakhar is in top form and hits a four through the covers. Another single helps Pakistan maintain their lead in the run rate.

At the 8th over mark, Pakistan’s score is 42-0 with Shafique and Zaman each scoring 20 runs. Despite Bangladesh’s decent bowling, it seems like Pakistan is on track for an easy victory. There was a close call for lbw against Fakhar, but his captain Shakib assures him it was not out. It seemed like it could have hit the leg stump, but replay shows otherwise. Fakhar takes advantage of this with his second six, sending the ball high over the heads of anyone in the first 10 rows towards deep midwicket.

Source: theguardian.com