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A researcher of Keats discovers that the Roman authorities had looked into the poet before his passing.

Newly uncovered documents from the 19th century reveal that John Keats was under investigation by the Roman police shortly before his death. Alessandro Gallenzi, an expert on Keats, found a record in the Roman police archives mentioning the poet by…

Culture Games

Our initial glimpse at Grand Theft Auto VI lacked details, but generated a lot of excitement.

On September 16, 2013, I arrived in Japan to report on the Tokyo Game Show. Grand Theft Auto V had consumed my life for weeks before my flight. I had spent six days playing it non-stop, writing a review, and…

Culture Science

A group of non-professional archaeologists in the village discover a forgotten palace from the Tudor era in their backyard.

Several years ago, a team of inexperienced archaeologists embarked on a journey to uncover the buried ruins of a Tudor palace in their village in Northamptonshire. They were aware of the challenges they would face. Several individuals were raised in…

Culture Games

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora review – welcome to the jungle, it’s yours to reclaim

I It is uncommon to come across two artistic works that complement each other as well as the Avatar film universe and the Far Cry video game series. Both feature lush yet perilous environments that invite exploration. They also touch…

Culture Environment

The unfinished book of journalist Dom Phillips, who was murdered, will be released in 2025.

A book started by Dom Phillips, an international journalist and contributor to The Guardian, who tragically passed away in the Amazon in June of last year while working on the book, will be released in April 2025. The title of…

Culture TV and Radio

The increasing trend of unbalanced celebrity documentaries, from Beyoncé to Beckham, is cause for concern.

W Welcome to the era of celebrity documentaries. If you haven’t been disconnected from society or living under a rock recently, you are probably aware that in the past year alone, various celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Pamela Anderson, Brooke…

Culture TV and Radio

What’s on TV tonight: Can a neurosurgeon with witch-like abilities use her mind to murder?

Mayfair Witches 9pm, BBC Two Following the recent release of Interview With the Vampire, there is now another supernatural thriller inspired by Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe series. The film features Alexandra Daddario (known for her role in The White Lotus)…

Culture TV and Radio

Review of John Lennon’s Murder Without a Trial: The Ambush of Paul McCartney by Reporters is Strangely Bizarre.

I The primary measure of a documentary series is the number of firsthand witnesses it can secure. In the case of John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial, this is unquestionable. The three-part series includes almost all relevant individuals, with the…

Culture TV and Radio

Review of the Rolex Rippers manhunt – these heartless thieves who target watches show no signs of regret.

T Although Instagram and TikTok showcase materialistic wealth, and reality TV and gossip magazines fascinate viewers with images of the elite carrying expensive designer bags, the significance of these possessions lies in their symbolic status rather than their actual value….

Culture Games

The first glimpse at GTA 6 showcases speedy vehicles, pink birds, and a female protagonist in the trailer.

After being leaked online, Rockstar Games has officially released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6. This highly anticipated game is the latest installment in their critically acclaimed open-world crime series. Since its launch in 2013, Grand Theft Auto…