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Cricketers and members of the Conservative Party are hoping for the conclusion | Short correspondences

Last week, I noticed a striking similarity between two groups that were feeling discouraged and powerless. First, there was the England cricket team, who were on the verge of being eliminated from the World Cup and lacked creativity and optimism. They probably wished they could just go home (due to their rigid strategies, they played aggressively and now their journey is coming to an end on October 27th). Then, there was the Tory party, who were facing the likelihood of losing power and probably wished they could skip the next 14 months of pretending to govern and just be done with it all.
Robin Spencer
Reigate, Surrey

Regarding your piece (Tapping into Potential: Caribbean Women Preserving a Fading Craft, October 28), I recently came across some stunning pieces made from seeds being sold at the Garden Museum shop near Lambeth Palace in London. Perhaps if there was more demand for these works, the art form would not be in decline.
Emma Tait

In the mid-1940s, my nine-year-old brother misbehaved and our father chose to discipline him by giving him a haircut that only left a fringe in the front. At 4pm, after school, his classmates lined up outside our home requesting the same haircut (Letters, October 27).
Jim McLean

Regarding the concern of seeing your father’s reflection in the mirror (Letters, October 27), could it potentially be more alarming to not see your father at all?
Jennifer Haigh

In regards to the reviews (published in Letters on October 29th), I was recently inquired about my car parking experience.
David Prothero
Harlington, Bedfordshire

Source: theguardian.com