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The United States Grand Prix in Formula One saw Verstappen take first place, with Hamilton coming in second – here’s a recap of all the action.

Charles Leclerc, 159 (6th)
7. Lando Norris, 156 (3rd)
8. George Russell, 139 (7th)
9. Oscar Piastri, 83 (retired)
10. Pierre Gasly, 52 (8th)
11. Lance Stroll, 49 (9th)
12. Esteban Ocon, 44 (retired)

Yuki Tsunoda earned a total of two points, one for the fastest lap and one for finishing 10th, bringing his season total to five and moving him up to 17th place in the standings.

In his home country, Logan Sargeant placed 12th in the race, narrowly missing out on earning points for the first time this season.

That’s a wrap from here – enjoy the rest of the season. The Vegas race will surely be one to watch.

Red Bull’s initial reaction: “Came in with determination, felt fantastic, and extremely pleased with this outcome.”

He expresses his joy to be present by stating, “I have always felt warmly received here. It is an incredibly forward-thinking nation.”

Race winner Max Verstappen.

The dominance of Red Bull and Mercedes does not appear to be as unbeatable as it did a couple of months ago.

This marks the 50th win.

If Hamilton had a few extra laps, the outcome could have been different.

Norris secures third place with ease. Sainz, Perez, Leclerc, Russell, Gasly, Stroll, and Tsunoda all follow suit, with Tsunoda ultimately earning the fastest lap.

On lap 56, Hamilton’s lead decreases to 1.5 seconds, then to 1.4 seconds. Meanwhile, Verstappen overtakes Zhou and utilizes the DRS to do so, widening the gap to 1.8 seconds.

That should suffice.

On lap 55, Verstappen is currently facing the challenge of navigating through slower cars as he approaches the last remaining vehicles in the race.

Hamilton must be wishing this race was 60 laps instead of 56, as 2.3 seconds passed and now it is 2.2.

1.8 …

Tsunoda recently made a pit stop, but is still holding onto a top 10 position. It’s likely that he is aiming for the fastest lap.

Lap 54: 3.6 … 3.4 … 3.2 …

Once again, Verstappen is frustrated with his team for communicating with him.

Is there something surprising happening here? Just a reminder: This race consists of 56 laps.

On the 53rd lap, Perez overtakes Leclerc, possibly indicating that allowing Sainz to pass was a wise decision on Leclerc’s part.

It appears that Hamilton has closed the gap on Verstappen by approximately one second.

On lap 52, Leclerc could potentially fall behind Perez due to a possible strong push from the latter.

Hamilton is closing the gap on Verstappen, however, it may be too late unless Verstappen’s brake problem worsens significantly.

On lap 51, Leclerc expressed his desire to discuss the passing of Sainz after the race.

In the meantime, Sainz and his team enthusiastically discuss the possibility of overtaking Norris to finish on the podium.

Preparing for the final six laps of the race.

1. Verstappen
, cannot reword

2. Hamilton is too distant to overtake and cannot be rephrased.
3. Norris, will stay there
, is the first driver to enter the pits.

Sainz is the first driver to enter the pits after recently overtaking his teammate Leclerc.

5. Leclerc is likely to remain in that position.

The remaining positions in the top 10 are as follows: Perez, Russell, Gasly, Stroll, and Tsunoda.

In past events, we see diverging outcomes – Alonso has withdrawn while Ricciardo’s timely pit stop earns him the title of fastest lap. Despite trailing behind by 10 seconds, this serves as a valuable consolation for him.

On the 49th lap, Hamilton successfully overtakes Norris for second place after a determined defense by Norris.

Somehow, Russell manages to record the quickest lap time.

Max Verstappen is still expected to come out as the winner.

Alonso is not in a position to earn any points.

On the 48th lap, Hamilton is trailing Norris by a margin of one second.

Sainz is catching up to his teammate Leclerc for fourth place, which could potentially create an uncomfortable situation.

Hamilton has caught up to Norris but has not overtaken him.

Alonso has reported a problem with the rear suspension.

On lap 47, I incorrectly interpreted the margins – Alonso is actually in much closer proximity to eighth-place Gasly.

Stroll is rapidly closing the gap on Tsunoda in the competition for the crucial 10th place. The other racers, Albon, Hulkenberg, Sargeant, Ricciardo, Bottas, Zhou, and Magnussen, are far behind by about 15 seconds.

On lap 46, Sargeant successfully overtakes Ricciardo, further demonstrating that the one-stop strategy was never a viable option.

Verstappen’s team informs him that he is maintaining the same speed as Hamilton. Verstappen responds, “Please do not speak, I am focusing on braking!”

I believe the tension here is coming to an end. Verstappen is set to take the victory once again. Hamilton may secure second place, possibly against Norris, but that is the extent of it.

On lap 45, Leclerc expresses frustration. When asked if he would like to change from Plan C to Plan D, he responds that Plan C has already negatively affected his race.

Alonso overtook Tsunoda in an impressive race. He will need to make up a 12-second gap in 11 laps to move up from ninth place. Considering he started from the pit row, this is quite an accomplishment.

On lap 44, it seems that Alonso has made a pit stop as he has dropped down to 10th place. Stroll remains in 11th place. It has been confirmed that Alonso has completed his second pit stop.

Leclerc has not achieved this. The driver starting in first place may continue to fall behind.

Hamilton acknowledges that there is still a significant difference. The individual recognized as the Most Patient Man in the World responds that he is catching up and believes he will achieve “P2, possibly even the victory.”

On lap 43, Hamilton sets the quickest lap time and closes in on Leclerc. Although it takes longer than he would have hoped, Hamilton successfully overtakes and moves into third place.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

On lap 42, Verstappen’s thoughts on his brakes remain unsuitable for publication.

Sargeant receives a flag that is black and white.

On lap 41, we will reset with 15 laps remaining…

Verstappen is pulled away from Norris, who won’t be threatened by Leclerc. Hamilton is fourth but will surely overhaul Leclerc at some point. Sainz and Perez are firmly in fifth and sixth. Then it’s Alonso, Russell, Gasly and Tsunoda. (Stroll must have pitted – he’s back in 11th.)

Leclerc and Alonso have made one pit stop each, just like Ricciardo who is currently in 12th place. All other drivers have made two pit stops and it is unlikely that they will make any more.

On lap 40, Perez records the fastest lap time.

Russell returns to the pits once more. Has Mercedes made a major mistake in their strategy, or could Hamilton and Russell benefit from being on the medium tires?

Russell takes the ninth position, following Stroll in eighth and… Fernando Alonso in seventh! It’s an impressive performance by the experienced driver!

On lap 39, Hamilton makes a pit stop. The plan of using the hard compound for the rest of the race is now abandoned. He will now be using medium compounds, but it’s uncertain if this will give him an advantage. Norris, who is using hard compounds, currently holds the fastest lap.

Max Verstappen moves into first place, as expected. Lando Norris also overtakes Charles Leclerc, who has been surpassed numerous times in this race, making him feel like he’s driving in the slow lane on a busy American highway.

On lap 38, Perez makes a pit stop. Hamilton’s lead has increased to 13 seconds over Leclerc, with Verstappen within DRS distance behind him. Perez falls back to seventh place after his pit stop.

Sainz, who set the fastest lap of the race several laps earlier, improves his own time. He is closing in on Russell for fifth place.

On the 37th lap, Hamilton has a significant lead over Perez, who is also well ahead of Leclerc. However, Verstappen and Norris are not too far behind Leclerc. Behind them are Russell, Sainz, Gasly, and an impressive ninth place for Alonso. Stroll rounds out the top ten.

Sargeant has fallen to 16th place, in case you were wondering.

The drivers Verstappen, Norris, Sainz, Tsunoda, and the bottom six have made two pit stops. The rest of the drivers have only made one. Is Tsunoda’s current position of 11th place enough to secure a spot in the top 10? He is currently 10.6 seconds behind.

On the 36th lap, there is a lot of action taking place!

Verstappen enters the pit lane for a pit stop. Sainz also makes a stop in the pit lane.

Max Verstappen emerges from the pit lane slightly in front of Lando Norris. Carlos Sainz has moved up to seventh place. Currently, the top 11 drivers are all using hard tires, except for Sergio Perez who is currently in second place. This may change in the future.

On the 35th lap, Verstappen is gradually increasing his lead. Hamilton is now 6.2 seconds behind. How is Verstappen accomplishing this?

Sainz now holds the third position, with Perez trailing closely behind. Following them are Leclerc and Norris.

On the 34th lap, Verstappen expresses frustration to his team regarding his brakes. The response is “I understand.”

He has quickly created a three-second lead over Norris.

“Max is increasing the distance between us,” Hamilton communicates over the radio. “Actually, it seems like Norris is approaching your position,” comes the immediate reply.

Norris enters the pit! He has only completed 17 laps on the hard tire compound?

On lap 33, there was no missed entry. I simply took longer than expected to provide an update.

Hamilton reports that the wind has become stronger. He manages to close the gap to Verstappen within four seconds.

Congratulations, if you have been anticipating a race where the result is uncertain until two-thirds of the way through, today is your lucky day.

On the 31st lap, Norris is confident that Verstappen is not staying within the designated boundaries. Despite this, Norris is still in close proximity, trailing by just one second. Meanwhile, Hamilton is slowly closing in on the gap between them both.

Hamilton maintains a lead of over five seconds ahead of Sainz, while Perez is steadily closing in.

It seems unlikely that there will be any other changes in the top 10 rankings within the next five laps. In their efforts to capture an overtaking moment, the broadcasters show us a clip of Hulkenberg passing Sargeant.

On the thirtieth lap, despite Hamilton’s grievances, he is currently performing admirably, narrowing the gap to Verstappen to just five seconds.

Albon has returned to the pits and does not appear to be in contention for a top 10 finish.

Great news – Sargeant has moved up to 12th place! Go USA!

27 laps remain, here’s what to keep an eye on during lap 29.

Can Verstappen establish a sufficient advantage to maintain his lead over Norris and Hamilton when he needs to make a pit stop?

Can Perez catch up to Sainz and take fourth place?

It should be relatively simple for Alonso to maintain his spot in 10th place. Is it possible for him to achieve more?

On lap 28, David C. Hunter comments: “Welcome back to Guardian MBM, Beau. I dislike when people inquire about the impact of F1 on Austin’s reputation, as it not only implies that we were lacking before but also ignores the negative effects of developments over the past three decades, including the opening of the track 11 years ago. This decline also includes Mr X, his car factory, and his multiple residences. In my opinion, Willie Nelson is a more valuable asset than any celebrity.”

Stevie Ray Vaughan and many other talented musicians.

As expected, Verstappen has now taken the lead.

On lap 27, Norris will complete his final lap in the lead. The key question is whether Verstappen can create enough space between himself and Norris to compensate for the champion’s upcoming second pit stop.

Zhou’s colleagues request that he allows Bottas to overtake him. He is not performing satisfactorily.

Hamilton expressed frustration, saying “I have quite a gap to close.” It seems that he is dissatisfied.

On the 26th lap, Horner noticed that Norris, along with others, was performing well on hard tires. However, Verstappen is rapidly catching up to him. Meanwhile, Hamilton appears dissatisfied with his team’s suggestion that he could be pushing harder. He responds, “I’m doing my best, mate, I’m trying!”

During Lap 25, Christian Horner from Red Bull talks with the broadcast team, but doesn’t share much information.

Albon effortlessly overtakes Zhou for 11th place.

On the 24th lap, Fernando Alonso has managed to reach the top ten. This is quite impressive, considering he started in the pit row.

Magnussen has fallen to the bottom of the rankings and has been issued a black-and-white flag as a warning for not staying on course.

1. Norris
2. Verstappen
3. Hamilton
4. Sainz
5. Perez
6. Leclerc
7. Russell
8. Gasly

On lap 23, Ricciardo makes a pit stop and falls to 15th place. It was enjoyable while it lasted.

Finally, Leclerc comes in for a pit stop…

On the 22nd lap, Edward Tuijl is curious about the situation in the lower ranks. Now that all drivers have made a pit stop except for temporary race leader Leclerc and seventh-place Ricciardo, I can provide a brief overview…

The top seven drivers currently are Leclerc (yet to make a pit stop), Norris, Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Perez, and Ricciardo.

Next up is Russell, closely followed by Gasly. Tsunoda holds onto 10th place, with a significant lead over Zhou. Albon, Alonso, and Bottas are battling for 12th position.

Source: theguardian.com