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The significance of a football team's nickname can be substantial at times.
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The significance of a football team’s nickname can be substantial at times.

Your fascinating piece (Buddies and Honest Men: Scotland claim prize in nicknames World Cup, 23 December) stated that, for reasons unknown, Dunfermline FC are known as the Pars. I understand, from a friend who hails from Fife, that the nickname dates from the early days of the club, when the players were renowned for their post-match performances in the club bar, rather than on the field of play, and became known as the Paralytics.
Mike Pender

How did Matthew Engel and Richard Whitehead leave out the well-known nickname of a Scottish football club that has a dignified motto of “ludere causa ludendi” and a history dating back to almost the same time as the Guardian’s?
Jim McNicol

I was encouraged to learn that there are individuals who still affectionately call Bradford Northern the Steam Pigs. While the nickname Bulls may be silly, it’s not as unflattering as Rhinos, which has been assigned to Leeds. Rugby union also has its own unfortunate examples, such as Sale Sharks.
John Parkin
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Source: theguardian.com