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The England cricket team was shocked by a fatal shooting that occurred outside a hotel in Trinidad.

During their first night in Trinidad, a man was fatally shot just yards from the front door of the Port of Spain hotel where England’s players are currently staying. As a result, the players have been confined to the hotel for safety reasons.

The security personnel of the England and Wales Cricket Board had previously cautioned the team members against leaving the Hyatt Regency, except for their two planned games, a pre-planned golf round, and a single training session on Monday morning. However, the seriousness of the danger was made evident when a 47-year-old man was killed at approximately 1:20am on Monday on Wrightson Road, where the hotel is situated.

In recent years, Trinidad and Tobago has seen a significant increase in gun-related crimes. Recent statistics show that it has the sixth highest crime rate in the world and ranks 11th in terms of gun deaths per capita. The travel advisory from the British government for Trinidad warns of a high level of violent crime, specifically mentioning an increase in gang-related attacks and shootings in the city center of Port of Spain.

Despite facing challenging conditions, the England team must focus on their performance on the field. Despite being behind 2-1 in their Twenty20 series against West Indies, Liam Livingstone is confident that the team has made significant progress in the Caribbean and has demonstrated their ability to compete with any team in the world by playing to their strengths.

Following two losses to high-scoring and powerful opponents, England secured a victory in the third match in an exciting fashion. They scored 74 runs in the final four overs to successfully reach their goal of 223 with one ball remaining. “We had a discussion and decided to challenge them in their own style,” Livingstone stated.

We believe that we are just as capable as any other team in the world when we perform in that manner. The most beneficial aspect for us is that from the beginning of the series until now, we have been continuously learning. It seems that we have made significant progress and that is our ultimate goal. While our main objective is to win this series, we must also keep in mind the upcoming World Cup and strive to play our best cricket during that time.

Livingstone’s series average is 24.66, with a strike rate of 160.86. This makes it his best series since his breakthrough summer of 2021, based on that metric. He stated, “Your strike rate is something you take pride in. It’s definitely one of my strengths. In the past, you may have focused more on your average.”

Phil Salt smashed 109 off 56 balls in the third T20 against West Indies.

Currently, my focus is on scoring six runs per game and maintaining a high strike rate. One of my top priorities is minimizing the number of dot balls in my first five deliveries. I believe this is where I can contribute the most to the team, by being able to score boundaries from the very first ball. This is a skill I have excelled at in previous franchise opportunities worldwide.

I believe my performance is making a difference in England’s games. I aspire to single-handedly lead England to victories, something I am confident I am capable of. I am hopeful that my batting form is improving, as it has been declining in the past few months. In this series, I have felt very confident and focused, and I believe I am making progress in the right direction.

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“They’re real match-winning innings that you don’t play very often,” Livingstone said. “People always say they want to get 70, 80, 90. I think there are times in T20 cricket, especially in the middle order, it’s actually the big cameos that make the big difference.”

Brook’s performance at the game, along with Phil Salt’s impressive 109 runs in 56 balls, served as a timely reminder of their skills prior to the Indian Premier League player auction. The England team may have felt anxious before Tuesday’s game, most likely due to the potential for players to wake up significantly wealthier the next morning. Eight members of their squad, including Brook and Salt, are among the 25 English players on the auction list, set to take place in Dubai at 7:30am GMT or 3:30am in Trinidad.

Livingstone was one of the top victors of the 2022 bidding process, as he was acquired by Punjab Kings for £1.1m. His spot in the upcoming tournament is already guaranteed as he has been kept on by the team for a third consecutive season, where he will once again be playing alongside Sam Curran and Jonny Bairstow. He expressed his hope for the team to also acquire a few more English players.

“Tomorrow will be enjoyable. A few of the guys will get a ride and I’m certain there will be some lighthearted moments on the way to the match. It’s a great feeling to be a part of it, but it’s also satisfying to know that you’re already guaranteed to return.”

Source: theguardian.com