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The Cricket World Cup 2023 match between Australia and Netherlands has concluded. The following is a summary of the game.

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Second over: Netherlands have scored 18 runs without losing a wicket (Singh with 13 runs and O’Dowd with 5 runs). The Netherlands have made an impressive comeback after Maxwell’s attack. O’Dowd takes a swing at a wide delivery from Hazlewood and manages to get a lucky edge for a boundary. Singh, on the other hand, shows no luck in his two consecutive boundaries – he stands on his toes and hits Hazlewood through the covers for a four, and then repeats the shot on the next ball with even more power, sending the ball blazing to the fence. The match is heating up!

In the first over, Netherlands scored 4 runs with Singh scoring 4 and O’Dowd scoring 0. Vikramjit Singh defended the first ball from Mitchell Starc while Max O’Dowd leaned on his bat at the other end. Starc seemed energized and had two slips in place as he ran in to bowl. He bowled five consecutive dot balls before Singh hit a full ball on his pads through mid-wicket for a beautiful four. This marks the start for the Dutch team and they need 99 more similar shots to win.

Until they disappeared, one by one.

The flipside:

Mick Lewis is likely to have his most restful sleep in 17 years tonight…

Additional statistics on Maxwell provided by Geoff.

The athletes are preparing on the sideline as the television displays clips of Andy Bichel dominating England at the 2003 World Cup. As a teenager, I can barely bear to watch.

Thank you Jonathan for your excellent coverage of the intense and impressive final ten overs! Hello everyone, I’m Jim and I will be guiding you through the Dutch team’s response. They have quite the challenge ahead, needing 400 runs to win.

The stattos across the globe are duly working themselves into a numerical lather over that record-breaking innings. Here’s one that just caught my eye – from the err Beautiful Mind of Daniel Norcross (I’m fairly certain he will have pinched it…)

To start this half-time summary, it must be noted that the Netherlands did not perform poorly in bowling, remained composed, were led intelligently, and fielded exceptionally well given the circumstances. Yet, they are still behind in the chase for 400 runs.

There are two primary factors for this: David Warner and Glenn Maxwell.

The former anchored Australia’s innings after Pat Cummins won the toss and made a measured 104 from 93 deliveries. It was an innings of bursts of runs and passages of calm from the veteran who laid the foundation for the carnage that followed. Around him Steve Smith (71) and Marnus Labuschagne (62) looked in decent touch and Mitch Marsh (9) fell early.

Australia’s batting performance started strong at 244-2, but they struggled and ended up at 290-6. Their original goal of reaching 400 was replaced with a more achievable target. However, Maxwell stepped up and fulfilled his potential as a cricketer by scoring a century in just 40 balls, breaking the record for the fastest century in world cup history by nine balls. His shots were incredibly daring and entertaining to watch on the cricket field. In just seven overs, his partnership with Cummins added 103 runs and transformed the game into a beautiful display of skill and artistry.

Bas de Leede took the majority of the impact, finishing his 10 overs with a record-breaking 2/115 – the most expensive performance in world cups. However, with time, I believe he will recognize the significance of his contribution to one of the most remarkable moments in cricket’s history.

Now, it is James Wallace’s turn to lead and guide you through the Dutch run chase. Talk to you soon.

The Netherlands need approximately 400 runs in Delhi to win.

In the 50th over, Australia’s score is 399-8 with Cummins at 12 runs and Zampa at 1 run. Cummins hits a four on the last ball of the innings.

Van Beek makes it two in two! Starc tries to hit hard but ends up with a top edge that Ackermann does a good job of catching in the Delhi evening.

Maxwell has the perfect ending to his performance, delivering another powerful hit that lands just near Engelbrecht. Engelbrecht quickly runs and makes a sliding catch, barely inches away from the fence.

Australia’s score is 393 for 6, with Maxwell at 106 and Cummins at 8. Even when he misses, Maxwell is still able to hit the ball to the boundary. He attempts a reverse lap shot but the ball bounces off the back of his bat and goes past the keeper for four runs. This brings their partnership to one hundred runs in just 43 balls.

In the 49th over, Australia’s score is 389-6 with Maxwell at 102 and Cummins at 8. Maxwell shows his dominance as he hits back-to-back fours off De Leede’s full and straight deliveries. He then crushes a slower ball over midwicket for six and sends a legside full toss out of the ground for another six! The crowd goes wild as Maxwell continues to wreak havoc, hitting four more sixes in a row. This is a record-breaking performance, with Maxwell now holding the fastest world cup century title, surpassing Aidan Markram’s record of 49 set just a few days ago. Maxwell takes off his helmet, arms wide open, basking in the well-deserved admiration from the crowd. This is the culmination of everything he has promised throughout his career.

Glenn Maxwell celebrates his century

During the 48th over of the match, Australia’s score stands at 361-6 with Maxwell at 75 runs and Cummins at 8 runs. Van Beek is tasked with bowling, but it is not a favorable position to be in. Maxwell greets him by staying put and hitting a six over cow corner. Cummins also gets in on the action but luckily, he misjudges a shot that O’Dowd could have caught near the midwicket fence. However, O’Dowd hesitates and misses the chance. Maxwell quickly takes back the strike and hits another impressive six over backward point. It’s almost like watching a computer-generated animation. How is he able to do this?

Maxwell 75 off 35!

In the 47th over, Australia’s score is now 340-6 with Maxwell at 61 runs and Cummins at 3 runs. Maxwell impressively executes another switch hit over point, sending the ball far into the stands. It seems impossible to bowl against him. The magician reaches his 50 runs in just 27 balls.

Wow, he just nailed the same shot, but as a pull! While in mid-leap! That was a powerful six with the ball almost hitting his face! It’s like watching a performance.

In the 46th over, Australia’s score is 325-6, with Maxwell at 46 and Cummins at 3. Witness the masterful performance of Maxwell as he takes control. He trades singles with his captain before executing a daring switch-hit for a one-bounce four over the point. He then stays put and launches a six over square leg. Van Meekeren stays calm and manages to limit the damage for the rest of the over.

The 45th over sees Australia at 312-6 with Maxwell at 34 and Cummins at 2. De Leede uses a variety of lengths and speeds to prevent Australia from scoring a boundary. However, Maxwell is able to add some runs with a well-executed ramp shot just outside off stump, narrowly missing the boundary.

In the 44th over, Australia’s score is 305-6 with Maxwell at 30 and Cummins at 0. Maxwell starts the over with a beautiful late cut for four runs off van Meekeren. He then misses on a couple of swings before a close call for a wide bouncer results in three consecutive dot balls. Maxwell takes another powerful swing, but the ball goes off the outside edge and flies high into the Delhi sky. It almost lands in the hands of a fielder, but Teja Nidamanuru, who was positioned at mid-off, couldn’t reach it as he stumbled and dove backwards.

In the 43rd over, Australia’s score is 297-6 with Maxwell at 22 runs and Cummins at 0. Maxwell continues to build momentum with an impressive sweep for four. He follows it up with a couple more runs before rotating strike. Cummins only has to face one delivery, and van der Merwe is aware that the Australian captain won’t be looking for anything flashy. So, he pitches a full and wide ball for Cummins to chase. Falling for the bait, Cummins misses the ball and Edwards claims a catch behind the stumps. The Dutch captain takes his time deciding whether or not to REVIEW the decision. The crowd cheers as the T signal is shown, but Rassie Erasmus soon realizes that there was no contact with the bat.

Source: theguardian.com