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Jack Will’s opening jump aims to demonstrate his value for England in the match against West Indies.


An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 struck Antigua at 4:48am on Saturday, with its epicenter located slightly south and east of the island. Buildings across the country trembled and shook, and England’s team hotel was in close proximity to the earthquake. However, Will Jacks slept through the event.

“I was awakened around six o’clock and noticed the messages in the group chat, but I was in disbelief,” he recalled. “I’m typically a heavy sleeper and don’t wake up easily. Some of the others mentioned that their rooms were shaking, which was quite strange. Harry Brook even messaged me asking if there was a possibility of a tsunami. It was the initial thought for all of us.”

Recently, Jacks has experienced some changes in his career. He is set to play for England in all three one-day internationals against West Indies, which will begin on Sunday at Antigua’s Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. By the beginning of next week, he will have represented his country 15 times in 15 months, across all three formats. During this time, he has achieved a Test five-wicket haul and scored 94 runs in an ODI match.

Last month, upon reaching the age of 25, he solidified his position as a crucial player in all three formats and was among nine English players who were kept by their Indian Premier League teams. As negotiations for central contracts took place between players and the England and Wales Cricket Board in September, he had hopes of receiving a call. However, not only was it determined that he would not receive a contract, but also that no one would inform him of this decision.

“I was aware that everyone was listening and I was anticipating finding out, but unfortunately, I never did,” he stated. “I eventually stumbled upon it on Twitter, just like everyone else, and that was quite disappointing. I was really hoping to receive one. I felt like I had been a part of the team for a while. There are plenty of players who were part of the World Cup team who deserve recognition, and I understand that there is a limit to how many can be awarded.”

“I accept the current situation and am ready to move forward. There is always a possibility that it may benefit me. This gives me the freedom to make plans for my winter and future, and I will use this opportunity, as well as the rest of the year, to demonstrate my abilities in hopes of securing one for next year.”

After participating in two matches in Pakistan last winter, Jacks had hoped to also be a part of the five scheduled Tests for England in India during January and February. However, he will now be traveling to South Africa for the SA20. While this may not alter his drive to play for England, it has helped him manage his expectations.

Brydon Carse dives for a catch during a training session at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium

“The upcoming India Test matches have been a topic of discussion for many – a series of great significance. There has been much talk about the role of spin and the importance of having a strong squad with all-rounders. Rather than assuming I would be selected, I am now considering that if I were truly wanted, I would have already been offered a contract.”

I enjoy representing England in cricket, but I am content to play T20 matches if I am not chosen for the national team. The upcoming World Cup in June is my main focus at the moment. It is a huge goal of mine to make the squad for the World Cup, and playing T20 matches in South Africa against top players will be crucial for achieving that goal.

Jacks has been informed that he and Phil Salt will definitely be opening in all three ODIs against West Indies, giving him some reassurance for the upcoming days.

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“It’s crucial to have the reassurance that you will be part of the team regardless of any setbacks. Even if I don’t succeed on Sunday, I know I will still have the opportunity to try again in the final two games. This confidence is necessary for anyone wanting to play with an aggressive approach. If there is a fear of failure or concern about playing time, it can hinder performance and prevent someone from playing with full confidence.”

The show features a group attempting to reinvent themselves following a disappointing World Cup, facing off against another team trying to reestablish their reputation after not qualifying at all. The West Indies have been in a training program for the past two weeks, getting ready to change the negative storyline that has plagued them in recent times.

Shai Hope, the captain, expressed that there is a strong and optimistic atmosphere within the team. He also mentioned a change in energy. The team is focused on moving forward and not dwelling on the past. They are determined to make their own mark in history. The team is bonding and working together like a family in their preparation.

“We are not only focused on cricket, but also coming together as a team. It’s great to see the players embracing our strategies and hopefully, we can achieve the victories we are striving for, bringing joy to the West Indies supporters.”

Source: theguardian.com