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The 2025 Women’s Rugby World Cup will kick off in Sunderland and conclude at Twickenham.

The final match of the 2025 Women’s Rugby World Cup will take place at Twickenham, while the opening game will be held at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light.

On Monday, World Rugby and the Rugby Football Union declared the chosen venues for the tournament, which had been previously confirmed in August. The tournament will kick off at the Stadium of Light with a capacity of 48,707 on 22 August, and will come to an end at Twickenham on 27 September.

Hosting the final at Twickenham creates the possibility of breaking the world record for the largest crowd at a women’s international match. This year, 58,498 spectators were in attendance for England’s win against France.

“According to Sir Bill Beaumont, chairman of World Rugby, the upcoming Women’s Rugby World Cup in England 2025 will be a monumental occasion for the sport. With its immense scale, inclusivity, and widespread viewership, this event will attract and motivate new audiences in unprecedented ways.”

The decision to have the first game in Sunderland highlights our goal. We hope for this sporting event to be the talk of the town and for everyone to want to join in and be inspired, especially young people.

The 10th edition of the tournament has received backing from the government. This time, it will be held nationwide after the 2010 World Cup in England was primarily held at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

Former England player Sarah Hunter speaks at the Stadium of Light, which will host England’s opening fixture.

“The country’s reputation for hosting major events has greatly improved, and we have seen tremendous success in doing so,” stated Stuart Andrew, the sports minister. He expressed his appreciation for the events being spread throughout the country, allowing every region to participate, and as a northern MP, he was particularly thrilled that the north-east was chosen for the opening match.

According to Sarah Massey, the head of the 2025 Women’s Rugby World Cup, the main goal of this tournament is to increase visibility. She believes that if people are not aware of the event or do not see female rugby players as role models, they may not believe they can be a part of it.

I believe that the Lionesses and other prominent women’s sports teams are serving as inspiration for women and girls, showing them that there is a place for them in the world of athletics. We have studied the FA’s approach during the Euros and have had numerous discussions with them. If we can leave this tournament and inspire others, then we will have fulfilled our duty.

Source: theguardian.com