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McCall asserts that Saracens will battle to retain Farrell despite rumors linking him to Racing 92.
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McCall asserts that Saracens will battle to retain Farrell despite rumors linking him to Racing 92.

Mark McCall refused to comment on the rumored interest from Racing 92 in Paris for Owen Farrell. He stated that it would be unfair to discuss speculation and that there is currently nothing to discuss.

He did not completely reject the idea of moving to the French club. Instead, he acknowledged the progress that Farrell and others had made at Saracens over the past ten years. Recalling a presentation to the board in 2015, he mentioned the departure of players like Ernst Joubert and the anticipation of a new generation taking over the club. This was eight years ago, and they have since been on a remarkable journey together. However, he believes that journey is now reaching its conclusion, and a new adventure awaits next year.

If this was a suggestion of upcoming alterations, McCall also stated firmly the importance of retaining England’s top players in the Premiership, especially with the Top 14 using its commercial power so assertively. “We all strive for the Premiership to be a highly competitive league, which is why the rule that limits eligibility for the English national team to players in the Premiership is crucial.”

“That must remain. The Top 14 is a formidable league, without a doubt. However, it’s slipping away. It is hoped that someone can address this issue. Currently, there are two separate salary caps for the two competitions. It’s clear what will occur if this rule is removed. Hence, it’s a straightforward argument.”

McCall stated that Saracens’ desire to retain Farrell remains strong, despite the increasingly restrictive English salary cap. He believes that having Farrell on your team is a highly coveted asset.

During an eventful day of Premiership rugby, McCall commended the current state of English rugby despite his team’s 19-10 loss to Leicester. He expressed his reluctance to focus on any negative aspects, as the league is filled with thrilling matches and strong competition. He also noted the success of English teams in Europe, leading to an overall positive outlook.

This statement is still accurate. Although the Saracens have been dominant during what could be considered the Farrell era, the Premiership has remained highly competitive for many years, with several teams often only a few points apart.

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Should Farrell decide to leave, he would undoubtedly be the most notable departure. However, he would join a growing list of players leaving English clubs, prompting the question of whether these clubs can continue to compete in the long run.

Source: theguardian.com