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India dominates England in one-off women’s Test on day three – live updates

India achieved a dominant win within just two and a half days, as England’s second innings was quickly dismissed in a session that was extended. Heather Knight described the playing conditions as “extreme”, with noticeable spin and bounce. However, England also contributed to their own downfall with impulsive shots as panic spread throughout the team, causing tense shoulders and hesitation in decision-making.

This is a monumental moment for India, especially with a Test match against Australia coming up in just four days. If the BCCI approves, this could revolutionize women’s Test cricket. Unfortunately, there weren’t many spectators at the ground to witness it, but it will be intriguing to see if more show up for the match against Australia.

Deepti Sharma departs with multiple awards, while Charlie Dean and Lauren Bell’s reputations have been elevated. I will have one last cup of coffee before returning to bed. Thank you for keeping me company during the late hours – I’ll see you again for the India vs Australia match on December 21st. Have a wonderful day.

Harmanpreet expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating that the team executed their plan successfully and each player stepped up to take responsibility. When asked about the decision to bat, he explained that the first 40 minutes of the game were crucial and they aimed to take three or four wickets during that time.

After receiving the trophy, Harmanpreet rushes to the team waiting on the side and presents it to the three new team members in the center. She then joins the group in celebrating at the corner.

Anjum Chopra talks to Heather Knight: “I think India played outstandingly, made it really tough for us. I feel like if we had another Test match in India we’d be better placed.

“The circumstances were very challenging, something that we are not accustomed to. We performed slightly better today in regards to our determination, but India’s bowling was even more impressive. We have gained a lot of knowledge from this experience.”

I believe we witnessed some exceptional displays of skill, with Charlie Dean delivering an outstanding performance in her bowling and Lauren Bell impressing with her ball movement and consistency. Playing a Test match in India has been an incredible experience and I am certain that if we were to return in nine years – although I personally may not be present – we would have gained a lot from this experience.

Deepti Sharma received three awards for her impressive all-around performance in the match, including a score of 9-39 and 87 runs.

“Play will extend for an extra half hour.” writes Damien Clarke. “Wishful, perhaps?” Very good.

Amol Muzumdar, the cheerful coach of the Indian team, is responsible for media responsibilities. He praises the team for their hard work over two and a half days, acknowledging that no Test match is easy. The team’s efforts during their preparation before the Test at Wankhede have led to this impressive win. Muzumdar encourages the team to continue playing in the same manner and mentions that they did not plan on scoring 400 runs on the first day. He sees this victory as a positive sign for Indian cricket and commends all the players who made their debut.

“Although England is a strong team, these young players have now experienced the intensity of Test cricket. [Regarding Deepti] I often humorously refer to her as the Ben Stokes of our team. With nine wickets and a fifty, she plays a crucial role in our success.”

“We have a Test match against Australia scheduled in just four days time – something that has never happened before. We are eagerly anticipating this event.”

In the 27.3rd over, England was all out for 131 runs with Dean scoring 20 runs. This marks the first time India has defeated England in a Test match on Indian soil. It is also the largest margin of victory in women’s Test cricket history. Harmanpreet Kaur earned her first Test match win. It was a traditional and dominant win for India over England.

A forward player, a cutting edge, an impressive catch at the silly point position!

In the 27th over, England’s score is 123 for 9 with Dean scoring 20 and Bell scoring 0. Dean successfully executes a reverse-sweep that results in four runs and follows it up with a sweep for two runs. On Talksport, Raf mentioned that Dean is a stronger batsman than England gives her credit for, and her performance in this match proves it. Dean adds four more runs with a stylish cut, followed by four byes. Harmanpreet, with a serious expression, shakes her head – she is a tough critic.

On the 26th over, England’s score is 109-9 with Dean scoring 10 and Bell scoring 0. Rajeshwari bowls again. Dean successfully defends four balls and they take a single on the fifth. The match will continue for an additional half hour for England to finish strong.

In the 25th over, England’s score is 108-9 with Dean scoring 9 and Bell scoring 0. Deepti has taken two wickets in this over, making it a double-wicket maiden. Her overall figures now stand at 7 overs, 22 runs, and 4 wickets, in addition to her impressive 5.3 overs, 7 runs, and 5 wickets in the first innings.

Uh oh, it happened again! Filer chooses to go on the offensive, charges at the bull, and hears its final breath.

The ball is cut back towards the cross, quickly moving past the bat and making a crunching sound like Christmas breadsticks.

The 24th over sees England at a score of 108-7, with Dean at 9 runs and Cross at 16. Rajeshwari, wearing a headband and the iconic number one shirt, delivers the ball. Dean is completely out of position and the keeper reacts with disappointment.

In the 23rd over, England’s score is 105-7 with Dean scoring 7 runs and Cross scoring 15 runs. Deepti bowls again and Cross attempts a sweep, resulting in a top-edge that narrowly avoids the fielders and lands just short of the boundary.

In the 22nd over, England’s score is at 101-7 with Dean scoring 6 runs and Cross scoring 12 runs. Rajeshwari delivers a beautiful flight and Cross reaches the hundred mark with an elegant sweep for four runs.

The 21st over begins with England at 95-7, with Dean and Cross at the crease. Deepti is the bowler. It appears that Cross and Dean are handling the situation better than some of their teammates who have already been dismissed. Dean manages to score four runs by shimming one off her ankles. Deepti makes a strong appeal for lbw, but the referee, Harmanpreet, has already been wrong twice this morning and decides not to give in.

In the 20th over, England’s score is 90-7 with Dean scoring 2 runs and Cross scoring 5 runs. Rajeshwari Gayakwad’s over resulted in a couple of runs and the team focused on staying in the game.

In the 19th over, England’s score is 88-7 with Dean scoring 2 runs and Cross scoring 4 runs. Deepti is causing problems for Dean, but she manages to switch ends. Cross takes advantage of a full toss delivery. Alex Redwood comments, “You can at least take a few hours of rest soon.” He is hoping for someone else in the house to wake up and make some tea.

In the 18th over, England’s score is 83 for 7 wickets, with Dean and Cross at the crease. This is another maiden over with no runs scored.

Attempts the hoopla sweep but chooses the incorrect path and forfeits her coconuts.

The 17th over of the match sees England at 83-6 with Ecclestone scoring 10 and Dean at 0. It was a wicket maiden.

The cards fall as Jones attempts a cramped pull, but it is unsuccessful and Shafali Verma at midwicket collects the ball.

In the 16th over, England’s score is 83-5, with Jones scoring 5 runs and Ecclestone scoring 10 runs. Ecclestone hits two fours off Vastrakar – one narrowly passing through second slip, and the other confidently pulled away.

Sending an email now. “Good morning, Tanya!” Happy to receive your message, Martin Wright.

“You have a faithful hound there, I have a wakeful kitten here, who desperately wants to play despite it being Stupid O’Clock… And the mind turning as it does, I found myself noticing the keepers in the women’s game increasingly wear their pads inside their trousers. Is this A Thing these days? And if so, will the men’s game start adopting it? It looks neater and seems more functional – but are the presumably slimline pads tough enough to withstand some 90mph thunderbolts?

“I have experienced troubling thoughts in the middle of the night before, but I will leave it at that for now.”

“Keep consuming that coffee at a steady pace!” They remind me of Jack Grealish! I’m not entirely sold on the pads, but I can imagine it makes moving around much easier. Greetings to the playful kitten, fingers crossed she enjoys seeing England’s defeats.

In the 15th over, England’s score is 73 for 5 with Jones scoring 4 and Ecclestone scoring 1. Deepti is replicating her impressive performance from the first innings. Ecclestone attempts a sweep shot but lacks confidence in execution. Jones responds with a forceful back foot shot, scoring four runs on the final ball, providing some much-needed relief.

Excellent catch at the slip position as Wyatt leans forward with heavy boots and Rana gracefully scoops up a low ball with delicate hands.

In the fourteenth over, England’s score is 61 runs for three wickets. Wyatt has scored 12 runs and Jones has yet to score. Vastrakar, with short spiky hair and a shaved back of the head, is wearing pink sleeves and his delivery to Knight is unplayable. It was a beautiful ball that resulted in a wicket, making it a maiden over.

Advances aggressively with a quick delivery, while Yastika handles matters behind the wickets.

In the 13th over of the match, England’s score is 68-3 with Knight and Wyatt at the crease. Deepti is now bowling. Knight attempts a reverse sweep on her first ball, but misses and is struck on the front pad. Harmanpreet takes a long time to decide whether to review the decision, but eventually does so without much enthusiasm. The ball was likely to have bounced over and missed the leg stump. England continues to use the sweep shot against Deepti, but it doesn’t seem to be an entirely successful strategy.

In the twelfth over, England is at 61-3 with Knight scoring 19 and Wyatt scoring 10. Wyatt has a fortunate break when she challenges an lbw call and replays reveal the ball was just missing the leg stump, despite initially shrugging off the decision. Vastrakar and I are both in disbelief!

Chris Lawrence speculates about the conversation between Nat and Heather when she revealed her news, suggesting that it probably didn’t involve boasting about getting a golden duck. Ouch.

In the 11th over, England’s score is 57-3 with Knight at 19 and Wyatt at 6. Renuka, who looks fatigued, concedes three boundaries to Knight. She fixes her necklace and wipes off her sweat. I realize I have unread messages in my inbox, one of them from Phil Withall.

“Hello, Tanya. I am currently experiencing oppressively humid weather in Brisbane this afternoon.”

“It’s great to see England begin on a positive note. I’ll give myself an hour of hopeful thinking before I revert back to my usual outlook of unwavering pessimism.”

“It’s refreshing to occasionally try something different…”

I hope you had a good time for approximately 35 minutes…

In the 10th over of the match, England has a score of 43-3 with Knight scoring 4 runs and Wyatt scoring 6. The bowling change has been effective, with Vastrakar causing excitement. Wyatt manages to avoid a hat-trick ball and a group of fielders by hitting the ball for two runs. On the boundary, Jon Lewis looks serious.

The first ball is pushed forward, the ball is full, and it nips in to pickpocket the off stump.

Harleen in the gully gets hit hard and straight in the stomach, causing her eyes to light up and cuts to appear.

In the 9th over, England’s score is 35 for 1 with Dunkley at 14 and Knight at 4. Knight hits a ball that barely sneaks past two close slips for a boundary. The following ball prompts a loud appeal for lbw, but the fielding team decides to review. After a huddle in the middle, they ultimately decide not to as the ball landed outside the line.

In the eighth over, England’s score is 31-1 with Dunkley at 14 and Knight at 0. Dunkley hits a full delivery from Rana for a boundary, while the rest of the balls are cautiously defended.

Beaumont returned to the room and the ball quickly entered through the door, snatching the television.

In the 7th over, England’s score is 27-1 with Dunkley scoring 10 runs and Knight scoring 0. The largest successful run-chase in women’s cricket was 198 runs against England in Sydney in 2011. There was a loud cheer, but it was more hopeful than confident, when Renuka delivered a slower ball that hit Beaumont’s pads. However, the following ball was impressive and knocked down the off stump.

In the sixth over, England’s score is 27-0 with Dunkley at 10 and Beaumont at 17. The players comfortably take a few singles from Rana, while their teammates on the boundary edge engage in a crossword puzzle.

In the fifth over, England’s score is 23-0 with Dunkley at 7 and Beaumont at 16. There was an excellent square cut that resulted in four runs, followed by a poorly delivered ball that was pulled for another four runs with impressive skill. This has been a fantastic start.

In the fourth over, England’s score is 15-0 with Dunkley at 7 and Beaumont at 8. Rana looks happy as she expertly bowls the ball. Beaumont takes a swing at Rana’s delivery and earns four runs. Another shot narrowly misses the outstretched hand of the short leg fielder.

England is currently at a score of 10 runs with 0 wickets lost in the 3rd over. If you happen to be awake, feel free to reach out to me. I would appreciate hearing from you. As Renuka delivers another over, it’s just me and my dog on the couch.

The second over of the game saw England’s score at 7-0, with Dunkley scoring 7 and Beaumont at 0. It didn’t take long for spin to enter the game as Sneh Rana took the ball. Dunkley immediately went on the offensive, hitting two shots for a boundary and causing a field change.

At the start of the match, the score is 1-0 in favor of England with Dunkley scoring 1 run and Beaumont scoring 0. Renuka is the bowler for this over and she begins with a smooth delivery on a lovely morning.

Anjum Chopra and Murali Kartik, both highly skilled individuals, are currently analyzing the pitch. Unfortunately, this may not bode well for the England team. “The pitch seems to be rough and has several holes,” they report. The players have taken their positions and the game is about to begin.

Is the coffee prepared? We will start soon. Yesterday, there were nineteen wickets taken in a women’s Test, the second highest ever. India then achieved the highest chase in a women’s game, scoring 478 runs. They have now declared, giving England a target of 479 runs to win.

Regarding Raf, you have the opportunity to tune in and hear her on Talk Sport, as they will be broadcasting the remaining portion of the Test.

Below is the report from Raf about yesterday:

Greetings! We have arrived at day three of this unique Test match between England and India. It seems that today will be the last day after England’s sudden collapse on Friday afternoon – going from 79-2 to 136 all out, with the final six wickets falling for a mere ten runs.

Deepti Sharma, full of energy and enthusiasm, led India with her impressive performance of taking five wickets for only seven runs, in addition to scoring a half century in the first innings.

England had limited options after that point, but India prevented them from gaining an advantage by not immediately enforcing the follow-on. Instead, they extended their lead to 478 by quickly scoring 182 runs in the second innings, with Sharma continuing to perform well.

England had a few positive moments- Charlie Dean took four wickets and Nat Sciver-Brunt scored a half-century. However, the rest of the day showcased their vulnerability to spin, as seen in the Ashes series by Ash Gardener, in their match against Sri Lanka in September, and now against India.

Is England able to survive the day? Instead of discussing it, let’s remain hopeful for Christmas. Let’s take a break for coffee and reconvene at 04:00 GMT / 09:30 IST when the game resumes.

Source: theguardian.com