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Scarratt makes a comeback to England's Women's Six Nations team alongside a group of new additions.
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Scarratt makes a comeback to England’s Women’s Six Nations team alongside a group of new additions.

England have selected three players who have not yet played for the team in their roster for the Women’s Six Nations. The Exeter duo of Maddie Feaunati and Lizzie Hanlon will join Vicky Laflin from Ealing Trailfinders as new additions.

John Mitchell has a group of 35 individuals, among whom are Zoe Harrison, Emily Scarratt, and Abbie Ward. This marks the first time they have been selected for an England tournament squad since their defeat to New Zealand in the 2022 Rugby World Cup final.

Last month, Scarratt, who is 34 years old, made a return to her club Loughborough Lightning after being away for 13 months due to having neck surgery.

Marlie Packer, the flanker for the Saracens team, will remain as the leader and is predicted to achieve her 100th appearance for England when they kick off their tournament by facing Italy on March 24th. The team, known as the Red Roses, has its sights set on securing their sixth consecutive Six Nations victory and fifth consecutive grand slam title following their triumphant 2023 season under Simon Middleton’s leadership.

Unfortunately, Sarah Bern, Claudia MacDonald, and Nancy McGillivray are unable to participate due to injuries.

Mitchell, as the new leader, mentioned: “We have assembled a team where there is fierce competition for a spot in the 23 player squad. The Red Roses have consistently performed well in this tournament. It is our goal to maintain our top standing, but we must prove ourselves on the field to win. Our focus is on enhancing our performance and putting pressure on our opponents, in order to generate a range of chances to score.”

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“The group is filled with energy and enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the next seven weeks and all the challenges that await.”

Source: theguardian.com