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During the Kurtley Beale trial, a recorded phone call revealed that the rugby player told his alleged sexual assault victim that he had misinterpreted the situation.
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During the Kurtley Beale trial, a recorded phone call revealed that the rugby player told his alleged sexual assault victim that he had misinterpreted the situation.

According to court testimony, rugby player Kurtley Beale apologized profusely to his rape accuser in a recorded phone conversation, stating that he had misunderstood the situation.

A 35-year-old individual is currently on trial in a district court in New South Wales, accused of one instance of sexual intercourse without consent and two instances of sexual touching in connection to an alleged assault that took place at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel in December 2022.

The ex-Wallabies player has entered a plea of not guilty for the accusations, with his attorney claiming that the sexual encounter at the Sydney pub was consensual.

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During a phone conversation, Beale was unaware that the police were recording and shared that he believed the woman was interested in him. He also expressed worries about her potentially making their conversation public.

“I was extremely angry, but that is not an excuse,” stated Beale during the call, which was presented to the jury on Tuesday.

“I deeply apologize for causing you to feel this way. I made a mistake in assessing the situation. Now, I am feeling extremely anxious.”

On Monday, during her initial testimony, the woman recounted claims that Beale touched her buttocks and coerced her into performing oral sex in a restroom stall.

On January 19, 2023, the two individuals had a recorded phone conversation, approximately one month after the reported incident of rape.

At first, Beale claimed he didn’t recall seeing the woman on the night in question. However, he later implied that they had a sexual encounter.

The woman stated in the recorded conversation that they did not actually engage in any romantic or physical activity.

The woman testified to the jury that Beale, who was heavily intoxicated, touched her bare bottom in the main bar area. Later, he grabbed her head and forced his penis into her mouth while they were both in a locked cubicle in the men’s restroom.

During the call, Beale mentioned that we had visited the men’s restroom and for some unknown reason, I believed it was operational.

The woman informs him that his penis is exposed.

“Yes, I recall, I recall,” Beale responded.

The woman inquired of Beale his belief in her attraction to him despite repeatedly rejecting him.

Beale responded, “Perhaps it’s just a case of blurry vision and not fully comprehending the situation.”

The lawyer representing the rugby player, Margaret Cunneen SC, informed the jury that there was no use of physical coercion in the reported rape and that the defense’s argument is that the accuser gave consent.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cunneen subjected the supposed victim to rigorous questioning, delving into details about the events of the night, such as her attire and a previous disagreement with her partner.

The woman stated in court that Beale accompanied her into the cubicle, but could not recall who initiated entering the men’s bathroom area.

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Previously, Cunneen urged the jury to take into account the woman’s credibility and dependability when testifying.

During the call, Beale recalled touching the woman’s bottom, which he deemed as “inappropriate.”

“I apologize, that was inappropriate. I am currently reflecting on the situation.”

According to previous court records, the woman had not previously encountered the rugby player, but had been following him on Instagram.

Throughout the phone conversation, Beale continuously conveyed his worries that the situation may be made known to the public and harm his standing.

Beale inquired, “How can I be sure you won’t escalate things?” I replied, “Based on my profile and other information.”

“Is it possible to handle this situation in a respectful manner that protects both parties?”

The woman informed Beale that they both had to face the repercussions of his behavior.

She stated in the recording presented to the court, “I cannot express how terrible this feels.”

It seems as though you have removed a piece of me that did not belong to you.

The trial continues.

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