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Tonight's TV program will feature the chilling tale of a popular TikTok influencer who was found guilty of murder.
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Tonight’s TV program will feature the chilling tale of a popular TikTok influencer who was found guilty of murder.

The viral spread of a murder on TikTok.

9pm, ITV1

If Mahek had not been involved with TikTok and other social media platforms, DI Mark Parish believes that Saqib Hussain would still be alive today. In 2022, DI Parish was in charge of investigating a deadly car accident that claimed the lives of two young men. Mahek Bukhari, a popular TikTok user, and her mother Ansreen were found guilty of their murders, which were motivated by an illicit relationship between Hussain and Ansreen. This case sheds light on the disturbing reality of TikTok’s involvement in murder cases, as pointed out by Hollie Richardson in her piece.

999: At the Forefront

8pm, Channel 4

The feeling of society fracturing seems to intensify with every new episode of this paramedic documentary. In Channel 4’s answer to the BBC’s Ambulance, the crews working out of the Stoke, Stafford and Willenhall hubs are constantly on the move, thanks to a huge variety of crises. This week’s emergencies include a drug overdose and a confused old man who may have had a stroke. Jack Seale

David Mitchell’s Outsiders

9pm, BBC Two

David Mitchell stands by a campsite signpost with a tent in the background in David Mitchell’s Outsiders

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The comedian’s hilariously entertaining camping show, where a group of famous individuals complete silly challenges to earn badges, is rightfully moving from Dave to the BBC’s prime time slot. The first episode features Lou Sanders, Ed Gamble, Kerry Godliman, Toussaint Douglass, Jamali Maddix, and Jessica Knappett. HR

The show “New Lives in the Wild” features Ben Fogle.

9pm, Channel 5

In Lincolnshire, Fogle joins Paul, a Viking enthusiast who proudly owns a tough army truck that can comfortably fit a small dog and a spacious bed. They bond over a simple dinner of beans on toast before Fogle meets Paul’s group of nomadic friends who also enjoy “vanlife” in different types of vehicles. Graeme Virtue.

Storyville: Beyond Utopia – Escape from North Korea

10pm, BBC Four

Madeleine Gavin’s tense documentary follows people in North Korea who attempt to leave, despite knowing the severe punishments if caught – including possible execution. Among them are a family of five who embark on a treacherous journey across the Yalu River into the hostile mountains of China. HR

Our activities in the Shadows

11.15pm, BBC Two

Another hilarious double bill. Baby Colin’s growing pains, to put it mildly, force the vampires to attend private school admission interviews – using hypnosis to try to game the system (spoiler: there are unintended consequences). Meanwhile, Nandor is stressed about his impending nuptials – can the Djinn help? Ali Catterall

Film choice

Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) and Johnny (Josh O’Connor) lean against a stone wall in God’s Own Country

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Cannot reword. This is a title and time for a film called “God’s Own Country” directed by Francis Lee in 2017, airing at 1:50am on Film4.

Francis Lee’s rustic and muddy tale of love in the countryside is similar to the movie Brokeback Mountain, but with a stronger sense of conviction. Josh O’Connor portrays Johnny, a gloomy young man trying to manage his unappealing Yorkshire sheep farm with his elderly grandmother and father who has had a stroke. However, everything changes when Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu), a Romanian hired for the lambing season, arrives and slowly brings out Johnny’s hidden kinder side with his patience and tenderness. In the midst of loneliness and the harsh realities of being a farmer, something beautiful blossoms. – Simon Wardell

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