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“Bottas 2024”: Formula 1 racer collects $150,000 for a good cause through a provocative calendar.

Valtteri Bottas, a driver in Formula One, has collected $150,000 for Movember, a charity that focuses on men’s health. This was achieved through the sale of a “Bottass 2024” calendar, which showcased images of him revealing his bare backside and quickly sold out.

The first batch of 10,000 sold out quickly, with $5.46 from each sale being donated to prostate cancer research. Additional copies were not printed.

“Via social media on Thursday, Bottas expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support received in November. The combined efforts of donations and calendar sales have resulted in a significant sum of money raised for @Movember. The final total is still being calculated, but it is estimated to be around $150k.”

After his partner and Australian cyclist, Tiffany Cromwell, captured a photo of Bottas lying naked in a stream in Aspen, Colorado, the Alfa Romeo driver came up with the idea to create a calendar with photographer Paul Ripke. The photo gained popularity on Instagram and was eventually sold for charity.

Bottas shared with speedcafe.com during the Las Vegas Grand Prix that he received inquiries and comments about his actions and the decision to reveal his buttocks. However, after clarifying the charitable purpose behind it, people understood and it became an enjoyable experience to take those photos.

Bottas mentioned that his mother had some initial concerns. She is not fluent in English and had watched some of his videos, which left her feeling confused and worried. She asked him if he was certain about pursuing this path. He clarified the purpose behind his involvement with charity and she was satisfied.

Source: theguardian.com