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Matt Hancock was not informed about the eat out to help out scheme until the day it was officially announced. This was reported as it occurred.

According to Boris Johnson, the government had implemented a lockdown in care homes prior to the rest of the country.

Hancock’s exchanges with advisers

After manipulating the approach, Sedwill appears to acknowledge this by praising Hancock for his “innovative calculation methods.”

Message from Sedwill

When questioned about potentially using deceptive accounting methods, Hancock denies it. He claims to have met the goal using all available methods of measurement.

The Health Security Agency only uses less than 1% of its budget on health security.

According to him, failures in health security have resulted in more civilian deaths than terrorism. He describes this as a significant imbalance.

He suggests that the leader of UKHSA should be present at all times during meetings of the national security council, rather than only during discussions related to health.

In regards to his previous statement about being denied the ability to hold a Cobra meeting in January (refer to 12:36 AM), he states that had he approached the cabinet secretary and mentioned a 50/50 possibility of a terrorist attack resulting in the deaths of 100,000 individuals, a Cobra meeting would have taken place, with the Prime Minister as the chair.

Health England.

According to Hancock, the quality of their scientific research was excellent. At one stage, they were responsible for fifty percent of all genomic sequencing globally.

However, according to him, it was unable to increase its capacity.

He stated that it was not willing to work with independent companies that could assist in increasing testing capabilities.

During the Covid investigation, Hugo Keith KC presented Hancock with a document containing references to the discussions at Sage regarding potential harm to the NHS caused by a pandemic. One specific entry is as follows.

Advice from Sage

Did the government have an opinion on when the National Health Service would reach its capacity?

According to Hancock, there was no clear understanding of the specific outcome, but it was expected to be disastrous.

According to Hancock, this would result in individuals not receiving treatment. He was determined to prevent this from occurring.

According to him, the critical point would be determined by several elements, such as the ratio of staff. In a critical care setting, the typical ratio is one staff member per patient. However, during the Covid pandemic, there were instances where this ratio increased to one staff member for every six patients.

According to him, the NHS would have endured.

However, he claims that if it had been inundated, it would not have been possible to provide assistance to all individuals.

The Alba party is suggesting a vote on whether the Scottish parliament should have the authority to make laws and negotiate for independence.

Ash Regan, a previous candidate for SNP leadership who joined Alba last month, announced in a press conference this morning that she plans to propose a member’s bill to seek input from the people of Scotland on the 10th anniversary of the 2014 independence referendum.

Regan acknowledged that she had not yet consulted with other MSPs regarding her proposal. In order for a member’s bill to be introduced, it requires support from 18 individuals from at least three different political parties. However, she expressed confidence that the Scottish government would support her plan. This statement was made while she was seated next to Alba leader Alex Salmond, who recently filed a lawsuit against the Scottish government for millions of pounds in damages.

Additionally, Regan mentioned that the non-government bills department of the parliament is currently operating at full capacity.

Salmond claimed that he frequently communicates with SNP members of parliament, but did not specify which MSPs he believes would be in favor of the bill.

Salmond disclosed that the suggested legislation was his alternative option in 2012, should David Cameron reject a vote for independence.

Both Salmond and Regan insisted their plan, which includes a “consultation” with the wider independence movement, would break the constitutional logjam around a route to another referendum.

During the SNP conference in October, Humza Yousaf, the party leader and first minister, encouraged members to shift their focus from process to persuading voters on the relevance of independence in addressing the cost of living crisis. The party also made a decision that if they secure a majority of Scotland’s seats in the upcoming general election, they will be authorized to negotiate for independence with the UK government.

The investigation into Covid has taken a 10-minute pause.

Source: theguardian.com