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Australia v West Indies: first Test, day three – live

The uniforms worn by Cricket Australia players, and a member of the field crew using a large metal plate on a pole to make markings on the bowler’s footprints, which may have different names in various countries.

What is in store for you today? To be completely honest, it may not be much. West Indies will continue their third innings of the match, trailing by 22 runs and with only four wickets remaining. There is a possibility that they could be dismissed and lose by an innings.

If they are able to score 22 runs, they will guarantee a fourth inning and force Australia to bat again. However, it is unlikely that they will be able to establish a significant enough lead to challenge Australia. If, by some chance, they do manage to do so, it would make for an exciting spectacle.

Joshua da Silva, the wicketkeeper who is skilled with the bat, will continue on his score of 17. Alzarri Joseph is expected to join him, following the dismissal in the last over of the previous night. Nathan Lyon will have one ball left in that over.

Source: theguardian.com