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TV tonight: catching the fugitive rapist who faked his own death
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TV tonight: catching the fugitive rapist who faked his own death

Disclosure: Dead Man Running

9pm, BBC Two

Kim Avis was an eccentric busker and market trader who became known as “a character” in Inverness. In 2019, reporter Myles Bonnar was one of the local people shocked to hear of Avis’s death – thousands of miles away in California. As Bonnar explores in this wild documentary, it transpired that Avis faked his own death to evade sexual assault charges. . Hollie Richardson

Grand Tours of Scotland’s Rivers

7pm, BBC Two

In more tranquil telly this week, Paul Murton bravely takes a microlight above Ben Lui – where he starts his exploration of the upper reaches of the River Tay. He then goes underground to visit an active gold mine beside the waterway, and meets the chief of Clan Macnab on a sacred island. HR

Unreported World

7.30pm, Channel 4

Kiran Moodley reports from college campuses in the US where there are tensions between students divided over the Israel-Gaza war – Columbia University has even banned two pro-Palestinian protests. Moodley speaks to people from both sides, following a Palestinian student and a Jewish American student, to see if he can find common ground. HR

Beyond Paradise

8pm, BBC One

Eva Feiler as Lucy Woods in Beyond Paradise.View image in fullscreen

A lot of people have met a grisly end in Shipton Abbott, so when a woman is found with an arrow through her shoulder, it’s just another day at the office for our tenacious team – even if it opens up a rabbit warren of cold cases to solve. Thank goodness they have a wedding to plan alongside all of that murder most foul, eh? Kayleigh Dray


9.30pm, BBC One

Romesh Ranganathan’s hapless sitcom antihero Jonathan finds himself in yet another awkward situation when he and his ex, Claire (Jessica Knappett), worry about their son Spencer’s sleepover. It turns out the hosting parents are the only people around with more unresolved conflict than them. As ever, acutely observed and nicely performed. Phil Harrison

Late Night Lycett

10pm, Channel 4

Live and direct from his home city of Birmingham, the nation’s most sweet-natured satirist brings us another night of mischief and mayhem. The names of his celebrity guests had not been announced at time of writing, but that hardly matters; as long as Joe’s two favourite aunties, Margaret and Pauline, are about, we’ll all be having fun. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (Zack Snyder, 2024), Netflix

Djimon Hounsou as General Titus in Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver.View image in fullscreen

Zack Snyder’s space opera, which mashes up tropes from Star Wars and Seven Samurai, returns to wrap things up (possibly). Sofia Boutella’s Kora brings back the ragtag group of warriors she sourced in the first instalment to the farming settlement imperilled by imperial forces. It’s ploughshares into swords for the outnumbered moonfolk and their handlers – a fine supporting cast including the likes of Doona Bae and Djimon Hounsou – with a resurrected Ed Skrein bringing the sneering evil as Kora’s principal military foe, Atticus Noble. Simon Wardell

BlackBerry (Matt Johnson, 2023), noon, 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
For those with fond memories of TV drama Halt and Catch Fire, set during the birth of the personal computer industry, Matt Johnson’s fact-inspired comedy-drama about the rise and fall of the BlackBerry mobile phone will inspire a familiar thrill. There’s the brilliant but naive nerd (Jay Baruchel’s Mike Lazaridis) with one great idea (a cellphone that is also a pager and an email machine!); the aggressive, savvy businessman (Glenn Howerton’s perma-furious Jim Balsillie) who pushes the laid-back tech-heads to success; and the relentless drive for profit that eats up and spits out Mike’s small, collegiate operation. A smart, funny cautionary tale. SW

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