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The top podcasts of the week are Marina Hyde and Richard Osman discussing pop culture.


Top choices of the week:

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Richard Osman and Marina Hyde from the Guardian collaborate to create a hilarious commentary on the week’s popular culture, filled with witty chemistry. The segments include mocking Nigel Farage’s uninteresting appearances on I’m a Celebrity and predicting the failure of Boris Johnson’s GB News show. The standout moment is the comical criticism of the Vogue interview featuring Jeff Bezos and his fiancee Lauren Sánchez. Written by Alexi Duggins.

The Second Victim

All episodes are now available on Audible.

Daisy, a Black child who was adopted in the 1970s, has nostalgic memories of her childhood growing up in a “white, middle-class haven” but also felt out of place. She discovered that her birth mother, Grace, was a victim of child rape. Now at 48, Daisy courageously and beautifully tells Grace’s story through a series. This information was shared by Hannah Verdier.

Basia Cummings, host of Tortoise’s Walter’s War.

Rephrased: The title “Smoke Screen: My Fugitive Dad” cannot be reworded.

All episodes are now readily accessible.

“What is the course of action when your cherished father reveals that he is not the wholesome small-town family man you believed him to be – but instead has been evading the law for 50 years following a successful bank heist worth $215,000?” This is the predicament that Ashley Conrad finds herself in, and she shares all the details in the latest captivating season of this popular investigative podcast.

Create a Prince: A Tale of Love and Royalty During the Holiday Season.

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This romantic comedy follows the story of a princess from a fictional “European” winter location who must find a husband before Christmas Eve. It is a podcast’s effort to join in on the trend of cheesy holiday movies in the film industry. While it may lack depth and originality, it playfully uses familiar fairytale romance elements and can be enjoyed as mindless entertainment.

Walter’s War
Acast, episodes weekly

Tortoise’s newest investigative series follows the journey of a dating nightmare that uncovers a web of deceit spun by an individual with an impressive background, claiming to have received a prestigious education and worked in national security before establishing a billion-dollar enterprise. Reported by Basia Cummings (pictured above), this captivating podcast delves deep into the truth behind the facade.

A podcast exists for that.

Bruce Springsteen, left, and Barack Obama during a podcast recording.

This week, Hannah Verdier selects five top podcasts featuring unconventional hosting duos, ranging from a collaboration between a celebrity and ex-president to a clash of “posh versus not posh” personalities.

“Food item – Hosted by Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett”

Combining cheese and pineapple on a pizza or ice-cream and soy sauce may seem like odd choices, but they can surprisingly be delicious. This also applies to pairing Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and former Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw. Despite being sponsored by Waitrose, Dish is not your typical corporate dining experience. It offers amusing and spirited conversations with guests like the “chips-and-gravy ambassador” Sara Cox, singer Charlotte Church, and actor Stanley Tucci, who always brings a negroni to dinner.

Assist Me, I Sent Inappropriate Messages to My Manager – Jordan North and William Hanson

The podcast has found success through the juxtaposition of posh and non-posh elements, with Radio 1’s relatable morning host Jordan North and etiquette expert William Hanson displaying a genuine friendship. The podcast is both prolific and humorous, often incorporating innuendos. The natural chemistry between the hosts is unmatched by many others. A great episode to begin with is the scone debate, where North playfully teases Hanson for his neutral stance on the jam and cream hierarchy.

“Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama tells the story of the Renegades from the United States.
“How did we end up here?” inquires Barack Obama at the start of Renegades. He is referring to a polarized America, not his previous escapade of sneaking away from security to go on a joyride with Bruce Springsteen. With their immense levels of fame, Springsteen and Obama could discuss any topic and still captivate their audience – their voices and ideas have a calming effect. While they may not fit the exact definition of renegades, they engage in insightful conversations about being outsiders, dealing with absent fathers (either emotionally or physically), and their shared goal of becoming better individuals.

Ear Hustle – Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods

In 2017, the popular podcast Ear Hustle was launched amidst a saturated market of true crime podcasts. The addition of stories from within California’s San Quentin State Prison was refreshing. The dynamic duo of Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods bring a unique perspective. Poor, known for her soothing voice and skill in drawing out stories from inmates, initially taught photography classes at the prison and has since become a source of support for prisoners like Woods during their time behind bars.

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I have found it! – Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks

Which animal is considered the most intelligent? Is it possible to alter one’s personality? Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks are on a mission to address the most perplexing and urgent inquiries presented by science through their informative podcast. Despite Edwards’ evident intelligence, he embraces his lack of scientific knowledge. In contrast, Brooks refuses to conform to the stereotype of a dull scientist and regularly invites experts from diverse fields. The hosts engage in lively discussions, covering a range of topics including the lack of diversity in science, the potential impact of AI on humanity, and what could potentially replace humans if we were to become extinct.

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  • Damon Lawner’s journey from a struggling family man to a successful sex club owner began with the establishment of SNCTM, widely considered the most exclusive sex club on the planet. Learn more about his experiences in Sanctum Unmasked.

  • The fifth season of Truth Be Told, which has won awards, delves into the current resurgence of psychedelics and how it is affecting the Black community.

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