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"Countdown to Chaotic Summer: Top Seven TV Shows to Binge-watch"
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“Countdown to Chaotic Summer: Top Seven TV Shows to Binge-watch”

Selection of the week

One Day

Dexter, a wealthy and privileged individual from the south, crosses paths with Emma, a hardworking person from the north who is socially aware. In 1988, on their last night at the University of Edinburgh, they have a somewhat uncomfortable but memorable one-night stand. This heartfelt story, based on David Nicholls’s popular novel, follows the not-quite couple each year as they navigate their lives. It’s not a typical love story as their connection is not obvious and their hesitation towards each other makes it seem like they are meant to slip away. The film evokes a bittersweet feeling of growing older, with charming performances from Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall.

On Thursday, February 8th, Netflix will be available.

Hot Mess Summer

Hot Mess Summer recruits with Rylan.View image in fullscreen

Rylan Clark is the host of a humorous yet maddening reality show that features eight unlikable young individuals from the UK. One of them arrogantly describes themselves as “one of the biggest players in Sussex.” The group is sent to the Greek island of Zante under the pretense of appearing on a reality show called Party Summer, only to have their hopes crushed when they find out they will be working behind the bar instead. To make matters worse, their friends have nominated them for the show due to their selfish and lazy behavior, and their criticisms are delivered through video links. This results in a lot of satisfaction for viewers and some hesitant personal growth for the contestants.

“Prime Video will be available starting Wednesday, February 7th.”


From left: Max Ainsworth, Dominic Murphy, Dylan Smith, Zak Douglas and Jake Kenny-Byrne.

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This energetic comedy set in Liverpool shares similarities with Derry Girls, both in its specific situations (Jake Kenny-Byrne’s Christopher feels out of place in a new and intimidating environment) and overall tone (a lighthearted portrayal of working-class teenage life). While it may not reach the level of Lisa McGee’s highly praised work, it still holds its own with a talented young cast. One standout is Dylan Thomas Smith, who portrays Reece, a confident but likable troublemaker whose efforts to befriend Christopher don’t always go smoothly.
ITVX, from Monday 5 February

Dee & Friends in Oz

Dee & Friends in Oz.View image in fullscreen

This animation is a very loose spin-off from L Frank Baum’s celebrated 1900 children’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and it journeys into the same enchanted realm visited by Dorothy and her friends. The updated angle on a familiar classic sees Dee and a small posse of pals (a lion, a dog, a tin man … you know the drill) finding a portal to a mysterious land where numerous magical adventures and a climactic quest ensue. Its fresh rendering feels a little garish but it might just appeal to a few impressionable young minds.

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Raël: The Alien Prophet

Raël: The Alien Prophet.

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In 1974, a unique French journalist named Claude Vorilhon established a fresh faith. Using the name Raël, he proposed the idea that a group of aliens called the Elohim, with whom he had exclusive communication, were responsible for creating humans. Our goal, according to him, was to acquire their advanced technology and await the arrival of a perfect society. However, as this thrilling documentary series reveals, it was not as straightforward or harmless as it seemed. Raëlism eventually turned into a cult, surrounded by disputes concerning sexuality, cloning, and different types of manipulation.
2018 to Thursday 8 February 2018, has

From February 7, 2018 to February 8, 2018, Netflix will be available.


Pablo Schreiber in Halo.

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In the second round, we see the Spartans facing off against the Covenant once again in this intense sci-fi story. Master Chief John-117 (played by Pablo Schreiber) still holds the fate of the galaxy in his hands. The Halo franchise, influenced by the 2001 first-person shooter game, combines intense military action with important moral lessons. As we catch up with John, a fragile truce is in place. However, news from another planet makes John believe that a great danger is approaching. With humanity’s main stronghold at risk, John embarks on a high-stakes mission to save them.

On February 8th, 2021, Paramount+ will be available.

Reindeer Mafia

Reindeer Mafia.View image in fullscreen

Anticipate the sight of blood on untouched snow: the latest foreign language drama from the Walter Presents collection is a deliberately somber and cold Finnish crime story that takes place in the desolate solitude of the Arctic. It revolves around a high-stakes power struggle within a powerful crime family known as the “reindeer mafia,” following the death of their matriarch Brita Nelihanka (played by Rea Mauranen). As her will is read and dark secrets from the family’s past come to light, tensions rise and conflicts erupt with dramatic consequences.

On February 9, 2018, Channel 4 will be broadcasting.

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