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The soil experts in the countryside typically remain underground | Amaya


While exploring in my garden, I came across two unknown, chubby visitors resting on a decaying tree stump. Upon further inspection, I observed that they were slimy and lacked color, resembling curled “C” shapes.

The creatures were comical, with their transparent bodies that were dotted with brown spots and six thin legs huddled up near their heads, making their movements quite clumsy. I am unsure how they manage to move around with legs like that. Additional investigation revealed that they were known as curl grubs. These grubs are actually the developing stage of scarab beetles and can spend up to two years decomposing wood or living underground. That sounds like a lot of effort! They play a role in spreading seeds in the ground and wood, contributing to the creation of fertile soil for gardens.

Creatures such as the curl grub play an important role in nature by consuming decaying matter and aiding in the recycling of nutrients. Despite their helpfulness, some individuals may view them negatively due to their potential to damage grass and plants above ground. However, it is crucial to allow these diligent soil-dwellers to carry out their duties and refrain from using harmful pesticides that can harm other beneficial creatures in the ecosystem. I carefully gathered up these grubs and provided them with a secure habitat in a decaying wood pile. Stay safe and avoid the watchful eyes of hungry birds, little grubs! Eventually, you will transform into magnificent scarab beetles and continue to contribute to the health of our soil.
Amaya, 10

Source: theguardian.com