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The badger den is once again active on the young country diary, according to Hayden’s update.


In a nearby forest, there exists a burrow belonging to a badger situated near the trail. We have spotted a solitary badger residing there on a couple of occasions in the past, but that was several years ago. The badger has since abandoned its dwelling, and vegetation has taken over, resulting in a lack of any signs of activity.

Last spring, a small opening emerged and continued onto the walkway. It gradually expanded until it was the size of a badger, completely blocking the path. However, despite this promising development, it remained unused. Now, in the autumn, as we were walking along the wood, we noticed a trail of sandy soil leading off into the trees.

The sett in Hayden’s nearby wood.

I hurried to the hole and observed the distinct, impressive tracks imprinted in the sand. The markings clearly showed the badger had excavated the sand the previous night and then returned to its burrow. The tracks were remarkably defined – revealing the shape, claws, pads, and other intricate details of the paw. In addition, the grass surrounding the adjacent hole had disappeared and been replaced by a mound of sand. During this season, badgers consume a variety of fruits and other food items, preparing for the colder months and gaining weight.

I am overjoyed that the settlement is once again active and excited to see increased activity in the area. It is a view that has deeply affected me!
Hayden, 10

Today’s YCD, written by Kasper, is titled “What time is it? It’s bat o’clock!”

The paw print by the sett.

Source: theguardian.com