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Nasa celebrates a significant milestone as the Odysseus spacecraft successfully touches down on the moon. Live updates available.
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Nasa celebrates a significant milestone as the Odysseus spacecraft successfully touches down on the moon. Live updates available.

SSL Company and their loved ones and visitors were filled with joy in Torrance, California as they received updates about the successful landing.

The lunar mission utilized next-generation fuel tanks from SSLC for the lander.

Nasa and Intuitive Machines will be commemorating the accomplishment.

Since 1972, Odysseus is the initial American spacecraft to achieve this accomplishment.

The flight controllers are still actively working to gather additional data and verify the details of Odysseus’s landing, as well as its current condition and ability to accomplish its goals.

In a message after the landing, Nasa’s administrator Bill Nelson exclaimed, “What a great achievement!”

“Odysseus has taken the moon. This feat is a giant leap forward for all of humanity.”

Today marks a historic moment as the US has returned to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. This is also the first time in human history that a commercial American company has successfully launched and led a voyage to the moon. This achievement highlights the strength of NASA’s partnerships with commercial companies and their potential for future endeavors. Congratulations to all those who played a part in this remarkable and ambitious journey, including Intuitive Machines, SpaceX, and our own team at NASA.

The flight controllers are currently continuing their efforts to obtain additional information.

Despite this, it appears that Odysseus is the initial American-made mission to successfully land on the moon in over 50 years.

“We have reached the surface,” announced Tim Crain, the chief technology officer in charge of mission control. “Odysseus now has a new location.”

The Odysseus may have experienced a crash or there could be a problem with communication. The flight controllers are currently working to determine the cause.

Mission control announced, “We are still alive.”

We are currently waiting for confirmation. Controllers are reviewing the most recent data received from the lander. There may be a communication error.

We have arrived at the anticipated landing time… but are currently awaiting confirmation.

The process of avoiding potential dangers has commenced. The lander is currently 1000m above the surface.

The landing vehicle is autonomously determining its landing location. We are less than a minute from touchdown.

The director of the mission has just announced that we are three minutes away from touchdown.

There may be a brief pause between when the lander touches down and when we receive confirmation. This pause could last anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes.

Please note that no human is making decisions about the landing location. The autonomous system on the lander is scanning the surface to determine the optimal landing spot.

The lander is transmitting information to the scientists in the control room.

Progress seems to be going smoothly as the lander steadily reduces its speed in order to prepare for a vertical landing.

Source: theguardian.com