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Reworded: Diary of the Cricket World Cup: Additional drama through fountains, fishtanks, and lychees.

Stories about fish, decorative water elements, and rooftop gardens on the fourth floor.

Several stadiums in India have unique design elements that may come as a surprise. In Delhi, one stand appears to be under the influence, and the media center has restricted access due to a large water feature on the fourth floor, featuring a babbling fountain and artificial grass. In Bengaluru, there is a device resembling a fish tank (although it could be considered more elaborate than that) built into a clubhouse column. Nearby, there is also a wall paying tribute to Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid, nicknamed “The Wall.”

Exploring the dispute between Maxwell and Warner over lychee production.

During a discussion about the current state of the World Cup at Tunday Kababi, the popular and bustling restaurant in Lucknow, I was surprised to learn that Australian players Glenn Maxwell and David Warner had a disagreement over lychees. I was initially confused, as lychees are a polarizing fruit, but it turns out that I had misheard the topic of their argument. They were actually discussing light shows during breaks in the game, where lasers and flashing floodlights are used. Maxwell strongly dislikes these shows, citing their negative impact on players’ health and their focus on pleasing fans rather than players. On the other hand, Warner expressed his enthusiasm for them and focused on their entertainment value for fans. This incident surprised me because Maxwell seems to have strong opinions on food as well; a recent article in the Times of India featured his favorite Indian recipes, after he mentioned his love for butter chicken and naan bread during his impressive performance on the field.

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Curran’s mom is the one who knows the secret.

Several of the English players’ relatives joined the team during their stay in Mumbai, but Sam Curran’s mother had to wait until they had relocated to Bengaluru before arriving. However, upon learning that her son would not be on the team, she promptly departed.

Source: theguardian.com