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Live coverage of the 2023 Cricket World Cup match between Pakistan and South Africa. Live streaming of the 2023 Cricket World Cup game between Pakistan and South Africa.

In the 14th over, South Africa is currently at 102-2 with van der Dussen at 13 and Markram at 30. Nawaz made a mistake by pitching the ball short, allowing Markram to hit a powerful six into the stands. A break is needed and Pakistan must find a way to eliminate the threatening Markram as South Africa is currently dominating the match.

Usama Mir has been brought in as a concussion substitute for Shadab, who had to leave the game due to a head injury while fielding in the first over. We hope he is alright.

In the 13th over, South Africa’s score is 93-2 with van der Dussen at 12 and Markram at 22. Markram’s shot is truly impressive – a photo must be taken immediately! He executes an uppercut with an open face against Haris Rauf’s fast short ball, and his feet are completely off the ground at the moment of impact. The ball soars over deep third for a six!

Rauf is not lazy or inactive.

In the 12th over, South Africa’s score is 85-2 with van der Dussen scoring 11 and Markram scoring 15. The momentum shifts towards South Africa as Wasim concedes 11 runs in his latest over (Note: Shaheen has not returned to the field). Markram takes on the role of the aggressor, hitting a drive down the ground and two boundaries through point.

In the 11th over, South Africa’s score is 74-2 with van der Dussen at 10 and Markram at 5. The ball from Rauf is powerful and leaves a mark on van der Dussen’s helmet, causing a brief break for a concussion check. However, he is able to continue and runs to the non-striker’s end to switch with Markram. Markram then hits a beautiful four through cover off Rauf’s delivery. The bowler finishes the over with an impressive ball that beats Markram, and ends with a provocative stare.

Suddenly, Temba Bavuma departs from the game. He attempts to hit a short ball from Mohammad Wasim but instead ends up getting confused and making a mistake, despite appearing at ease in his previous plays. The catch is easily made by Saud Shakheel at midwicket. Let’s hope for a close and thrilling match today!

Aidan Markram joins his teammate van der Dussen on the field and begins by blocking the first ball of the over.

In the 10th over of the match, South Africa’s score is 67-2 with van der Dussen at 9 runs and Markram at 0.

Mohammad Wasim celebrates the wicket of South Africa captain Temba Bavuma.

In the 9th over, South Africa has scored 66 runs for the loss of one wicket, with Bavuma at 28 and van der Dussen at 8. Haris Rauf comes in to bowl, and there have been concerns about his performance in the tournament so far. Unfortunately, Bavuma hits his third ball for a six over midwicket, showing his dominance as an opener. This South African batting lineup is formidable when they are in form, with players like Aiden Markram, Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, and the powerful Marco Jansen waiting to come in. Pakistan will need to take wickets quickly to stop their momentum.

In the eighth over, South Africa’s score is 57 for 1 with Bavuma at 21 runs and van der Dussen at 6 runs. Shaheen is keeping Bavuma on his toes, sending fast short deliveries that force him to stay on the back foot. He then surprises Bavuma with a slower ball cutter that he misses outside off. Bavuma manages to hit a four by driving over cover while on the front foot. However, Shaheen’s behavior is raising some eyebrows as he leaves the field immediately after his over ends. I will keep a close watch on that.

In the seventh over, South Africa’s score is 52 for 1 with Bavuma at 17 and van der Dussen at 5. Bavuma impressively hits a four with a sweep shot, followed by another four with a graceful lift over mid off. Despite the slight change in length from Nawaz, Bavuma confidently steps out of his crease and smoothly hits his third four through midwicket. Excellent batting display.

In the 6th over, South Africa’s score is 38-1 with Bavuma at 5 runs and van der Dussen at 4 runs. The pressure is building for Pakistan, as South Africa managed to score 30 runs in the first two overs, but only five in the last three overs and lost de Kock’s wicket. Shaheen is in top form and is running towards the crease like a bullet train on Trex-covered tracks. Van der Dussen only manages to score a single run off an inside edge.

Great update on Shadab Khan – he has recovered and is ready to return to the field after his fall earlier.

In the 5th over, South Africa’s score is 38-1 with Bavuma at 5 runs and van der Dussen at 3 runs. Mohammad Nawaz takes over for Iftikhar Ahmed as the spinner and begins with a precise over of slow-moving deliveries. Only three runs are scored off this over. Shaheen will continue to bowl from the opposite end.

In the fourth over of the match, South Africa’s score is 35-1, with Bavuma scoring 4 runs and van der Dussen scoring 1. Pakistan finally got the breakthrough they needed, and it was the crucial wicket of de Kock. Despite being in great form, de Kock was unable to execute a powerful pull shot and was caught. He stood in shock as he watched the catch being taken, his eyes wide and full of disappointment. The new batsman, Rassie van der Dussen, starts off with a single from his first ball. The game is now evenly poised.

There were no records set by de Kock today. He hit a half tracker directly into the hands of the fielder on the square leg boundary. Pakistan responds with a wicket.

In the third over, South Africa has scored 34 runs with Bavuma at 4 and de Kock at 24. After the explosive previous over for the Proteas, Iftikhar brings some calmness. Bavuma is cautious, playing on his back foot to gently hit the ball for two runs behind square. Each batter then scores a single, resulting in four runs for the over. Pakistan will have to act quickly and take advantage of the situation, hoping for a remarkable performance from Shaheen.

Glenn Reynolds in Namibia is questioning if Maxwell’s record in the second over is uncertain. I believe that the record will be broken once again before the tournament concludes, and de Kock, in his current state, may be the one to achieve it.

In the second over, South Africa’s score is now 30-0 with Temba Bavuma at 1 run and Quinton de Kock at 23 runs. De Kock’s performance is impressive as he hits his FOURTH boundary of the over off Shaheen. Mark Nicholas, commenting on TV, exclaims “This is a work of art!” as de Kock executes two cover drives through cover and a flashy shot outside off that flies past third slip. The fourth boundary, which got Nicholas particularly excited, is a beautiful clip wide of mid-on.

In the first over, South Africa’s score is 11-0 with Bavuma scoring 1 run and de Kock scoring 5. Iftikhar’s first ball of the over is a wide down the leg side, resulting in five extra runs for South Africa. This is not the ideal start that Pakistan was hoping for. Bavuma then takes a single, allowing de Kock to face the next ball. De Kock shows his skill against spin by confidently driving for a four with a front foot shot.

There is a long break while Shadab receives medical treatment. He made a skillful fielding play at backward point, but may have hit his head on the ground. The stretcher is brought out, but fortunately Shadab is able to walk off on his own. He appears to be quite pale and may have a concussion.

The South African team’s opening batsmen, Temba Bavuma and Quinton de Kock, are making their way to the field. The first over will be bowled by spin bowler Iftikhar, who specializes in using his fingers to spin the ball. He will be targeting de Kock, even though Bavuma is the one facing the first ball.

The sun is shining intensely in the dark Chennai sky, giving off a hot and humid feeling. I am currently sitting in a foggy and peaceful Northumberland. Pakistan gathers in a group before taking their designated positions.

Hello everyone, thank you Tanya for your assistance. The Proteas have spent four hours in the field and now it’s Pakistan’s turn. Can they take advantage by getting some early wickets? It’s crucial for their chances of advancing to the next stage.

While enjoying a cup of tea before the innings, I watched a TV program featuring a brief documentary on the 1999 Pakistan team and their star player Shoaib Akhtar. As I prepare my tea, I can’t help but share some amusing insights from the fast bowler himself. Let’s hope Pakistan puts on an impressive bowling performance.

It is a common occurrence for Pakistan to have batters who are able to get into the game, but struggle to score a high number of runs. Saud Shakeel and Babar Azam both scored fifties, while Shadab Khan contributed a quick 43 runs, resulting in a steady but not particularly intimidating total. Pakistan will need their bowlers to perform well, unlike in their match against Afghanistan. This time, however, they will be facing South Africa who have already spent four hours in the hot weather – will this affect their performance? Jim Wallace will provide updates on their innings. Thank you for the emails, I am now going to take a break for lunch – unfortunately not the meal of Kim Thonger’s dreams. Goodbye!

Pakistan’s score is 270-10 after 46.4 overs, with Haris Rauf scoring 0. Ngidi’s two wides are added to Pakistan’s total, but that’s the end of their scoring as Wasim misses a ramp shot and gets an edge on his drive.

In the 46th over, Pakistan is currently at a score of 268-9 with Mohammad Wasim scoring 7 runs and Haris Rauf at 0. Jansen bowls the over, allowing a few singles and a wide. Nawaz attempts to hit a yorker but ends up edging it into the dusk, where Miller catches it. The final pair of Pakistan must find a way to score some points in the remaining four overs.

Miller made an incredible catch at backward point, keeping his eye on the spinning ball and grabbing it as he slid onto his back.

Miller takes the catch to dismiss Nawaz.

In the 45th over, Pakistan’s score is 265-8 with Mohammad Nawaz at 23 runs and Mohammad Wasim at 6 runs. Shamsi delivers a high ball for his penultimate delivery and Wasim hits it over the long on for a six. Shamsi expresses his frustration with a loud roar. Pakistan has survived to play another over.

Bavuma moves the slip into position, and Afridi complies.

In the 44th over, Pakistan’s score is 259-7 with Mohammad Nawaz at 23 and Shaheen Shah Afridi at 2. Jansen comes back to bowl. He hits Nawaz on the boot, but declines Bavuma’s suggestion to review. The over only yields two runs until the sixth ball is deemed a wide, and the seventh narrowly misses the leg stump. On the last ball, Nawaz hits a boundary, adding six runs to the total of eight for the over.

John Starbuck says that he and others are looking forward to having a good lunch today. He is waiting for the end of the game before enjoying a freshly baked loaf of bread, most likely with ham and mustard from the farm shop. His wife remembered to take out the correct dough from the freezer last night, so they are making the best of what they have in a high-quality manner.

In the 43rd over, Pakistan’s score is 251-7 with Mohammad Nawaz scoring 17 runs and Shaheen Shah Afridi at 2 runs. Although a valuable wicket was taken, a no-ball results in a free hit that Nawaz takes advantage of and sends into the darkness.

After throwing a poor pitch, Shamsi quickly follows it up with a legbreak that spins quickly. Shakeel takes a risky swing and ends up getting a touch on the ball. He is angry at himself as he walks off the field, while Shamsi celebrates with a loud roar.

Shamsi celebrates after taking the wicket of Shakeel.

In the 42nd over, Pakistan’s score is at 239-6 with Saud Shakeel at 52 and Mohammad Nawaz at 9. Nawaz confidently hits a short ball from Coetzee for a smooth six with a slight leap. Impressive execution.

Pakistan is currently at 231-6 in the 41st over. Saud Shakeel has reached a score of 52, and Mohammad Nawaz has 1 point. Shakeel impressively dives for the crease to secure a second run, resulting in six points off Shamsi. In the dug-out, Shaheen Shah Afridi is seen smiling and chewing gum. Pakistan is hoping for a standout performance from him in the upcoming innings.

“Hello Kim Thonger, good afternoon Tanya.”

I am currently at a charming French restaurant on Lamb’s Conduit Street, enjoying a cup of coffee and following the Pakistan cricket match. This establishment offers a delectable selection of cheese and cakes, which makes me believe that the England team could benefit from a leisurely lunch in a similar location. Aperitifs, digestifs, and great wine can be enjoyed in between as they take a long afternoon nap. By the end of their nap, the team may feel like their current struggles were just a bad dream, giving them the opportunity to reset and conquer their challenges once again. As the saying goes, a change can be as beneficial as a break!

I would like to accept that instead of England. It appears to be a Baz-like solution rather than one from Matthew Mott.

In the 40th over, Pakistan’s score is 225-6 with Saud Shakeel scoring 47 and Mohammad Nawaz scoring 0. The sun is setting in Chennai and Shadab falls victim to a short ball. Despite a fantastic innings of 43 runs in 36 balls, he was unable to carry it through to the final ten overs. Coetzee, covered in sweat, receives praise for his performance.

Shadab hits a short ball with a high trajectory, but is unable to create enough space and is caught by a fielder at midwicket.

Khan leaves the field after being dismissed.

In the 39th over, Pakistan’s score reaches 222-5 with Saud Shakeel at 45 and Shadab Khan at 42. Ngidi bowls a short delivery, which Shadab expertly guides to the boundary with a flick of his well-oiled wrists. Despite not scoring any further boundaries, the team manages to add eight runs to their total. The run predictor predicts a final score of just over 300, which would be a decent achievement for Pakistan considering their position ten overs ago.

In the 38th over, Pakistan’s score is 214-5 with Saud Shakeel scoring 44 runs and Shadab Khan scoring 35 runs. Shadab hits another four with a flick, making it seem effortless. Then Shakeel gets his chance and pulls off a daring step and scoop to also earn a four. Coetzee is clearly frustrated, shaking his head at the 13 runs scored in the over.

In the 37th over, Pakistan’s score is 201-5 (Saud Shakeel 37, Shadab Khan 29), as Ngidi takes over from Maharaj and provides some stability. Pakistan reaches the 200 mark with a single.

Pakistan is at 198-5 with Saud Shakeel at 36 and Shadab Khan at 27 during the 36th over. Shadab takes a break to hydrate and stretch out his cramping legs with the help of the physio. After a few minutes, play resumes with Coetzee bowling. Shakeel hits a beautiful, skillful loft and picks up four runs. He follows it up with another four over the midwicket boundary, showing that Pakistan is gaining momentum.

In the 35th over, Pakistan’s score is 189 for 5 with Saud Shakeel at 28 and Shadab Khan at 26. Maharaj is the bowler, with a stubble on his face, who looks concerned. Saud Shakeel plays a beautiful shot, confidently stepping forward and hitting the ball over long off for four runs. The lively crowd in the stands, surrounded by beautiful canopies and shade, is being encouraged by a DJ.

Shakeel plays a shot.

In the 34th over, Pakistan has scored 183 runs with Saud Shakeel at 23 and Shadab Khan at 25. South Africa is dominating in the middle overs, with Shamsi wearing spearmint boots. Shadab confidently takes a big step forward and hits the ball over mid off for a six, showing his prowess.

33rd over: Pakistan 174-5 (Saud Shakeel 21, Shadab Khan 18) Shadab ramps Maharaj for a cheeky four. Then slams the front foot and pulls him, with vim, for SIX. Delicious intent.

The 32nd over saw Pakistan’s score at 148-5 with Saud Shakeel scoring 20 runs and Shadab Khan scoring 7 runs. I was briefly interrupted to answer the door and retrieve a towel for my dog, but during this time Pakistan managed to score eight runs from Shamsi’s over, with Shakeel hitting a boundary.

The 31st over of the match sees Pakistan at 148-5 with Saud Shakeel scoring 14 runs and Shadab Khan with 3 runs. After the drinks break, Shadab resumes play by attempting a risky single, but is quickly called back by Shakeel. He then makes two unsuccessful attempts at pulling the ball. It seems as though their batting performance is coming to an end. Finally, a couple of runs are scored with a deft shot, but VDD’s excellent fielding on the boundary turns it into just two runs.

In the 30th over, Pakistan’s score is 148-5 with Saud Shakeel at 14 runs and Shadab Khan at 3 runs. Shamsi appears energetic as he nods and gestures. The team earns three singles and three dot balls before taking a break for drinks.

In the 29th over, Pakistan’s score is 148-5 with Saud Shakeel at 13 and Shadab Khan at 1. Shadab has to face Jansen right away and only manages to get a single, which is not very convincing. A wide ball gives some respite for Pakistan, marking South Africa’s eleventh extra, and Shakeel gets four runs from the final delivery.

Pakistan’s 28th over sees them at 141-5 with Saud Shakeel scoring 8 runs and Shadab Khan at 0. Babar is shocked and this is a major setback for Pakistan as their innings starts to falter.

There’s a splinter of a spike on the replay – fabulous review by Bavuma and great take behind the stumps.

Azam is caught by de Kock, off the bowling of Shamsi.
Azam walks after losing his wicket.

After 27.5 overs, Pakistan’s score is 141 for 4, with Babar Azam at 50 and Saud Shakeel at 8. Shakeel executes a sweep against the square-shouldered Shamsi, who has a stocky build for a spinner and a hint of a bar bouncer in his step. The ball flies over the rope for four runs. Babar attempts a sweep but misses the ball. Despite de Kock’s lack of excitement, South Africa decides to review the play with only one second remaining.

In the 27th over, Pakistan’s score is 136-4, with Babar Azam at 50 and Saud Shakeel at 3. Babar receives applause from the audience for his half-century, which he achieves with a single off a deflection, but he doesn’t make a big celebration. Saud only manages to score one run from five deliveries by Ngidi.

At the 26th over mark, Pakistan’s score is 134-4 with Babar Azam at 49 runs and Saud Shakeel at 2 runs. A no ball is called, but Babar is only able to score a single off the free hit. Pakistan will need to work on rebuilding their innings as there is still nearly half of the game left to play.

Despite being injured, Iftikhar attempts to score big but his shot is too high and falls short, landing safely in the hands of Klaasen on the boundary line. Iftikhar celebrates with a sense of fierce joy and then angrily slams his bat on the ground in frustration.

Iftikhar is caught out by Klaasen.

At the 25th over mark, Pakistan’s score is 129-3 with Babar Azam at 47 runs and Iftikhar at 21 runs. Ngidi, who was previously off the field, comes back and gives up runs as Iftikhar skillfully hits a four through midwicket. The crowd gets excited about the possibility of Babar scoring a fifty, but he narrowly avoids getting caught when he tries to hit behind the wicket. At the midway point, Pakistan’s run rate is 5.16.

In the 24th over, Pakistan’s score is 124-3 with Babar Azam at 47 and Iftikhar at 16. There are multiple singles being scored as Babar narrowly avoids being caught out by a legbreak.

In the 23rd over, Pakistan’s score is 120-3 with Babar Azam at 45 and Iftikhar at 14. Maharaj bowls again. There is a moment of confusion between the batsmen, but Babar manages to get back to his crease before being run out. Bavuma makes an impressive fielding play to stop Babar from getting a single. However, on the next ball, Babar hits a powerful shot over midwicket for a six.

In the 22nd over, Pakistan’s score is 113-3 with Babar Azam at 38 runs and Iftikhar at 14 runs. Shamsi, with a green towel tucked into his trousers, delivers a left-handed, slinging action. Pakistan only manages to score singles. Where will they try to increase their score?

Source: theguardian.com