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Was the puzzle solved? Is the word game on the forefront of computer science?

Was the puzzle solved? Is the word game on the forefront of computer science?

Earlier today, I provided you with three instances of a vocabulary challenge that sheds light on a prominent result in theoretical computer science. (To learn more about this finding, the PCP theorem, please refer to the initial post.)

The puzzle consists of crossword-style clues that indicate a specific vertical column. The solution to each clue is a three-letter word formed from the three letters indicated by the clue.

The purpose of these puzzles is to be solvable either completely or partially, as described in the original post. The puzzles and their complete solutions are provided below.

Problem 1

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Problem 2


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Problem 3


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The present day challenges were modified from the research done by Dana Moshkovitz, a computer science professor at the University of Texas at Austin. You can find an article written by her about the PCP theorem at this link.

I trust that you had a pleasant time solving the puzzles from today’s challenge. I will return in a fortnight.

Since 2015, I have been posting a puzzle every other Monday. I am continuously searching for interesting puzzles and welcome suggestions. Feel free to email me with any ideas.

Source: theguardian.com