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Can you figure it out? Instead of Wordle, try Worzle.

Wordle is celebrating its second birthday this month!

Alf Smith, a former software engineer from Herefordshire, has come up with a game called “Worzle” which combines elements of Wordle and puzzles. The game presents a completed Wordle puzzle with some letters missing, and the player must fill in the blanks.

Below are three examples: easy, medium and hard.

Please note: every row should consist of a single word. The color green represents a correct letter in the correct position, yellow represents a correct letter in the wrong position, and grey represents an incorrect letter. (Note that a grey letter may still be part of the word if it appears as many times in colored squares as it does in the word.)







I will return at 5pm UK time with the solutions.

UPDATE: Please refer to the solutions provided in this post.

Please refrain from revealing any spoilers. Share your favorite memories of playing Wordle or suggest ideas for a potential game called ‘Workle’, ‘Worble’, or ‘Wormle’.

*UPDATE: I haven’t provided sufficient explanation for this puzzle, as noted by BTL. Therefore, here are the steps you need to follow.

Each Wordle puzzle is a full game where you must determine a 5-letter word. The rows highlighted in grey contain 5-letter words that are possible solutions. The bottom row, with five green squares, reveals the correct solution word. Each grid has only one solution word.

Worzle’s goal is to complete the grid by determining the 5-letter words on each line. The colors indicate if the letters are part of the word or not, with green representing the correct letter in the correct position, yellow indicating the correct letter in the wrong position, and grey meaning the letter does not appear.

Every other Monday, I post a puzzle here. I am constantly searching for engaging puzzles. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Source: theguardian.com