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BBC has provided a bodyguard to protect Chris Packham during the filming of Winterwatch due to reported threats against him.
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BBC has provided a bodyguard to protect Chris Packham during the filming of Winterwatch due to reported threats against him.

Chris Packham has been provided with a personal security guard during the production of the newest installment of BBC’s Winterwatch due to “specific threats” made against him.

The speaker has experienced ongoing mistreatment in the past few years, including a fire set to his house in 2011.

According to an interview with the Daily Mirror, Packham revealed that he has received a few threats prior to appearing on “The Watches.” As a precaution, he has a designated bodyguard who stays with him at the hotel and accompanies him during and after filming.

Packham stated that he had been the target of two threats within the last month, and he has reported the most recent threats to law enforcement. He also mentioned that there have been multiple threats lately that were not explicitly death threats, but instead contained messages of harm towards him and his loved ones.

“Surprisingly, these notifications and comments are coming from emails. We have the sender’s email address and have already reported them to the authorities. Although we have not received a response from the police, they have confirmed receiving the reports.”

In 2011, Packham reported that individuals intentionally set ablaze a vehicle and destroyed the entrance to his land, which was captured on his surveillance cameras. The perpetrators have yet to be identified. In 2022, the Hampshire police department made a renewed plea for any helpful details.

Discussing the incident of arson, he stated that they have a general idea of who the perpetrators may be. However, they are not certain of the exact identity of the individual responsible. He mentioned that these situations can take time to unfold, as those involved may eventually turn on each other and reveal the truth. He described the suspects as career criminals.

The authorities identified them as habitual offenders and it is likely that they were hired for the task. They were not from the local area, but rather from a distant location.

In 2019, Packham announced that he and his family were targeted with death threats following the discovery of dead crows hanging outside their home. This occurred after a disagreement over the shooting of birds.

In a libel lawsuit last year, he expressed concern to the court that he could potentially be harmed by a violent individual motivated by hatred. The lawsuit stemmed from a magazine’s publication of untrue allegations that Packham had deceived and manipulated individuals into donating to a tiger rescue charity, despite being aware that the animals were already being well cared for. As a result, he received £90,000 in compensation.

Source: theguardian.com