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TV tonight: the fascinatingly diverse world of bar and bat mitzvah
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TV tonight: the fascinatingly diverse world of bar and bat mitzvah

Growing Up Jewish

10.40pm, BBC One

Judaism’s Orthodox, Reform, Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions are simultaneously similar and very distinct; this documentary explores different versions of the bar and bat mitzvah across them. Whether it’s Eve, who was raised in a non-religious household, or Ayala, who is the daughter of a rabbi, it’s a cultural ceremony as much as a religious one. Phil Harrison

Race Across the World

9pm, BBC One

So far, our five roving duos have blazed an impressively ad hoc trail through Japan and South Korea. After discreetly skipping China, their third week of travelling begins with a 2,000km shot south through Vietnam to Cambodia – a bumpy road trip made even more stressful as the last pair to reach Phnom Penh will be eliminated. Graeme Virtue

Professor T

9pm, ITV1

Ben Miller’s po-faced criminologist is battling to get his job back, so he’s fuming when his rival is touted to give the keynote speech at a conference. The prof doesn’t have to dig too deep to find dirt on his pompous enemy, but when a murder is committed it sets up a handy whodunnit. Hannah Verdier

Hold the Front Page

9pm, Sky Max

Josh and Nish take up social duties on the Isle of Wight County Press, in Hold the Front Page.View image in fullscreen

Could Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar be the saviours of local newspaper journalism? Unlikely. But they’re having a go anyway, kicking off this second series of news-gathering nonsense on the Isle of Wight, where the big story is the Cowes Week regatta. Ellen E Jones

Ghost Ships

10pm, Sky History

An intriguing new documentary series that combs the world’s seabeds in search of lost maritime history. It begins with the story of the SS Atlantic, which found itself at the bottom of the ocean after striking rocks in 1873. Salvage diver Tony Sampson and his team brave the freezing waters and dangerous currents of Nova Scotia in search of answers. PH

The Red King

9pm, Alibi

A new cop drama owing an almost self-consciously heavy debt to folk horror classics such as The Wicker Man. Abrasive London police sergeant Grace Narayan (Anjli Mohindra) is punishment-posted to an isolated island off the coast of Wales. But she’s stumbled into a weird scene: there’s a missing child to find and uncooperative locals to deal with. Derivative but intriguing. PH

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