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Tonight's TV programming will delve into the consequences of murder in today's society with a focus on the impact of social media.
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Tonight’s TV programming will delve into the consequences of murder in today’s society with a focus on the impact of social media.

Trial by TikTok: The Idaho Murders.

9pm, BBC Three

“After the tragic murders of four University of Idaho students in November 2022, the internet was flooded with curious bystanders, amateur investigators, and citizen journalists who shared their suspicions and opinions without concrete evidence. Journalist Zara McDermott delves into the details of the murders, the aftermath, and reflects on her own reaction to the tragic events.” – Ali Catterall


9pm, BBC One

This holiday weekend during Easter, there is no pause for the North West ambulance service’s 12-hour day shift. This time period can be particularly challenging for individuals dealing with mental health issues. One patient is grappling with addiction to alcohol following the loss of a loved one, while another is experiencing thoughts of suicide. This is the update from Hollie Richardson.

Bring the Drama

9pm, BBC Two

This week, the actors who want to break into the British TV industry will be focusing on period drama, a crucial aspect of the industry. Under the guidance of intimacy coordinator Joshua Okpala, they will be rehearsing a romantic scene from Downton Abbey. Not only are they facing this high-stakes challenge, but it is also their final opportunity to earn a spot in the industry showcase. Congratulations on your hard work and welcome to our platform!

Boris Johnson’s Ascendancy and Decline

9pm, Channel 4

This is the second to last episode, meaning that the final event is approaching. With the largest Conservative majority in 30 years, a overconfident Johnson is trying to push through the completion of Brexit by forcing it through parliament, while also facing more scandals and controversy at home. It is a nauseating and tumultuous ride, with even more challenges ahead.

Backstage With the London Philharmonic Orchestra

9pm, Sky Arts


One of the members of Edward Gardner’s orchestra described him as capable of leaving you with the sensation of having journeyed through the vastness of the universe. This four-part series chronicles the preparations leading up to the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s season opening at the Royal Festival Hall, beginning with the string section. HRΕ’

Naked Attraction

10pm, Channel 4


Sandra, a resident of Cornwall, identifies as a “camel enthusiast” – Can she locate a compatible partner, based only on their genitals, to accompany her into the sunset of the Middle East? This unconventional yet kind-hearted dating program, presented by Anna Richardson, sparks such a curiosity.

Film choice

Poker face … Oscar Isaac in The Card Counter.

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The film “The Card Counter” directed by Paul Schrader will be airing on Film4 at 9pm in 2021.

A 2021 morality tale features Oscar Isaac as one of writer-director Paul Schrader’s isolated and self-sufficient individuals. Playing the role of expert card player William Tell, Isaac’s character travels to different casinos in the US and strategically wins enough to sustain himself without attracting too much attention. As he meets Tye Sheridan’s drifting young Cirk, who has a connection to William’s troubled past in the military, a sense of understanding arises. The appearance of Tiffany Haddish as a representative for successful poker players only further complicates William’s attempt to make amends for his past actions.

Source: theguardian.com