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Tonight's television program features a new stand-up comedy special by Sarah Millican, which is both vulgar and incredibly funny.
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Tonight’s television program features a new stand-up comedy special by Sarah Millican, which is both vulgar and incredibly funny.

Sarah Millican: Bobby Dazzler

9.30pm, Channel 4

Sarah Millican, an amazing comedian known for her sharp voice and profanity, presents her newest standup performance. In this hour of comedy, she discusses a range of topics including candles that smell like vaginas, the struggles of dealing with Covid, and her personal journey with weight loss. She even manages to make getting a smear test humorous, which is not an easy feat. Hollie Richardson.

Can I be dishonest with you?

8pm, BBC One

The lying talk show hosted by Rob Brydon carries on, featuring David Mitchell and a Scottish duo of Frankie Boyle and Abby Cook. Will their stories about unusual pets from childhood and finally trying pickled onion-flavored Monster Munch confuse Lee Mack and his team (Lucy Beaumont and Mo Gilligan)? Graeme Virtue

Traveling with Susan Calman

8pm, Channel 5

This blows extremely hard – the Mexican marine geyser that shoots water up to 100 metres skywards in tonight’s episode, that is. We’re not talking about this flimsy tourist show, which follows a comic boating from Mexico to the US, and is a pleasant enough travelogue. Alexi Duggins

Renovation in Tuscany … Amanda & Alan's Italian Job.

The Italian Job of Amanda and Alan

8.30pm, BBC One

It is 2024 and miraculous occurrences are underway. Amanda Holden and Alan Carr will be returning for another season of their summer renovation show. This round, Carr has acquired an ancient property with a watchtower in the northern region of Tuscany. The structure appears to be on the brink of collapse, causing Carr to immediately regret his purchase. However, it is now time for them to get to work and begin the renovation process.

The Traitors: Uncloaked

10pm, BBC Two

The Traitors now has its own post-show discussion, solidifying its presence in the entertainment world. Our reliable host, Ed Gamble, will be joined by famous guests to dissect the captivating reality series on television. The first episode will focus on the premiere and the initial act of betrayal. HR

The show hosted by Graham Norton.

10.40pm, BBC One

Following the slightly more exciting New Year’s Eve episode of Norton, it’s now the first Friday night of 2024, meaning we are back to our usual programming of Norton. This show continues to dominate in securing A-list guests with projects to promote, leaving little room for competition. And, there’s always the possibility of someone getting “twanged” out of the Big Red Chair. – Jack Seale

Film choice

Fast X (Louis Leterrier, 2023) 12.25pm and 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

“The Toretto family, known by their enemies as a car-obsessed cult, returns for their tenth installment of high-octane action. Dom, a former thief turned secret operative, must protect his car club from a new villain, the vengeful and cunning Dante. In the first part of this two-part story, Dom and his crew travel to Rome, Rio, and London, where they encounter new allies and enemies. Among them is rogue agent Tess, played by Brie Larson, and a complex network of friends and foes from Dom’s past. The action-packed film also features impressive car stunts, including some gravity-defying moments.”

Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan in Foe.

Enemy (Garth David, 2023) on Prime Video

In a future where climate disasters are on the horizon, a young couple named Hen and Junior are paid a visit on their farm by an official named Terrance, played by Aaron Pierre. Junior has been chosen to work on a space station, so Hen will be given a replacement in the form of an organic AI copy of him. Terrance stays with them to gather the necessary data and in the process, dissects their marriage and causes Hen to question her life. The intimate drama contains unexpected turns, similar to those seen in Black Mirror, but Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal deliver powerful performances as always.

Live sport

The Premiership Rugby Union match between Sale Sharks and Bristol Bears will take place at 7:30pm on TNT Sports from Salford.

The FA Cup Football match between Tottenham and Burnley will be aired on ITV1 at 7:30pm. This marks the beginning of the third round.

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