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The results for week 10 of Strictly Come Dancing were recorded live as they happened.

Thank you for joining me, sparkling group. Our well-known group of five will now compete in the quarter-finals, the final themed episode of the season – it’s Musicals Week, featuring routines inspired by popular West End and Broadway productions. Get out your fancy costumes and show off those jazz hands.

The show will be broadcasted on BBC1 at 7:25pm next Saturday. Let’s reconvene to determine which shows have been successful and which have been failures. In the meantime, it’s safe to say: keep dancing! Thank you and have a sparkling goodnight.

Audiences have the option to switch between watching Lidl vs Fortnum & Mason: Who Does Christmas Best? on Channel 5 or the finale of Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker on Channel 4.

At 9pm, the following programs are airing: Boat Story on BBC1, I’m A Celebrity on ITV1, The Year The Thames Flooded on Channel 5, or the shocking Cold War football documentary Stasi FC on Sky Documentaries.

On ITV2, No Time to Die, the latest Bond film, has just begun, while on 5Star, the holiday-themed romantic comedy, The Holiday, is also starting. At 10pm, BBC2 will be airing The Imitation Game, a biopic about Alan Turing. Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, get ready!

Regarding the partnership between Angela and Carlos, jagadox expresses, “I have positive feelings towards Angela but I can’t ignore the possibility that she may have lost her direction recently. Could it be due to the choreography or her partner? I have a slight suspicion that Carlos may be too focused on himself, but I could be wrong.”

According to LekisP, Carlos did not perform well in choreographing the routine for Angela and there was a lack of cha cha cha.

SeaAndSunshine expresses a differing opinion from Michael regarding Carlos. They believe that Carlos did not choreograph well for Angela. Interestingly, SeaAndSunshine notes that Angela’s best performances were those choreographed by others as opposed to Carlos. SeaAndSunshine also mentions that Carlos made comments about bringing Angela up to his level, but they disagree with this approach. Instead, SeaAndSunshine believes that a choreographer should showcase the dancer’s abilities, not their own.

Avenueman states that having Angela dance a cha cha cha to a disco song seemed to hinder her. It’s a shame because she has proven to be a fantastic dancer in previous weeks.

According to tomatopincushion, Angela Scanlon appeared unhappy upon her departure, as she was seen mouthing “wow” when their names were announced. While I initially had a positive opinion of her, I now feel that she has reached a plateau.

OozblumBird mentioned: “It was likely the appropriate dance-off, but I am disappointed for Angela. I don’t think she will be able to defeat Layton. However, she can take comfort in her amazing performances of the Charleston and Argentine Tango.”

Acanthe commented: “Oh no! I feel bad that Angela is in the dance-off. I doubt she’ll win against the boys, but I have truly enjoyed watching her this year. At least we can always remember her amazing Argentine Tango!”

Angela Scanlon.

Jagadox commented on tonight’s musical guests, wondering about the sound quality and expressing a desire to hear Sharleen’s performance clearly.

Could Sharleen have put in more effort with her outfit for Strictly, ffs? My friend and I seem to think so.

Strictlylounging commented: “Sharlene never seems to get older! I enjoy seeing a bit of Texas.”

RegWhelk commented: “Sharleen looks amazing. However, it seems that the sound man is missing again. I remember seeing Texas at Glastonbury in 1999.”

Vito Coppola and Luba Mushtuk dance during a performance by Texas.

“Bewildered1 sends a musical message to our co-host with bangs, stating that Claudia does indeed read these comments. Thank you for not singing, Claud!”

I am unsure. She resembles a younger Loreen.

In regards to the dance-off on the show Survivor, joanieloves comments, “I had a suspicion that would occur. It’s clear the judges have been favoring him. I feel bad for whoever he’s competing against – obviously they will choose to keep him.”

elfwyn says: “Not Layton! Yes, I know he’s supposed to be a ‘professional’, but he’s such fun to watch and this week was a blip on an otherwise spectacular series of dances.”

Soozis commented: “I expected Layton to end up in the dance off. The American Smooth was frantic and not smooth, and it seems like there was a costume mishap.”

Avenueman predicts that Layton will receive a favorable decision from the judges, as he is consistently one of the top celebrity dancers, even on an off week. However, this could suggest that he is not resonating as strongly with the viewers of Strictly TV.

Gothma states, “I preferred Layton and Nikita much more the second time.”

Layton Williams and Nikita Kuzmin.

During the judging process, mcculloch29 commented, “The scores are exceptionally high.” They also acknowledged Anton’s observation.

I apologize Shirley, but nobody can rock the Claudia fringe like Claud herself. She must have a reason for getting the Head & Shoulders job.

“Whyisnothingsimple states: I am frustrated by Shirley always blaming the celebrity for the choreography.”

Your choreography feedback is in. The opening routine was well-received.

KarimaKat commented: “This is the best opening in a while. Nadiya exudes the aura of an old-fashioned Hollywood goddess.”

MarkRoche concurs: “Nadiya looks stunning, we should have her return next year with a partner.”

There was a long wait for one Angela to be eliminated, but suddenly two were eliminated in succession. Scanlon is the second contestant to follow Rippon out of the competition.

Next week, will we see an equal number of male and female celebrities as we are currently down to three males and two females in the final five?

Chinese champion Carlos Gu has enjoyed a strong first two series as a Strictly pro. In his debut year, he got all the way to the final with actress Molly Rainford. Now he reached week 10 with Angela Scanlon. It’s an enviable record.

Angela teases Carlos by calling him a “bossyboots” and he has a reputation for being a strict trainer, but many of the professionals are as well. He also develops a close relationship with his partners. He and Scanlon became very close and shared many laughs, which helped soften Carlos’ tendency to make everything about himself. Even during his exit speech tonight, he spoke longer than her. At least he didn’t cry.

He was unafraid to create difficult routines for Angela, such as the Swan Lake paso and dramatic Argentine, and it often proved successful. It would be interesting to observe how he does with a less talented partner, but for now, Carlos can be satisfied with his two-season run.

Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu.

It feels like a case of what might have been for Meath-born TV presenter Angela Scanlon. With her leggy high-energy, sparky personality and Gaelic dancing background, she was hotly tipped before the series began. An Irish version of Stacey Dooley, that was the hope. However, her contest never really got going.

In the end, Angela’s downfall was due to a lack of consistency. She was the only celebrity to rank both at the top and bottom of the leaderboard, as she was never able to maintain a streak of strong performances. Her standout moments included her top-scoring Charleston routine during Movie Week, her paso doble inspired by Swan Lake, and her captivating Argentine tango at the Tower Ballroom, which earned her her first perfect scores.

During this time, she faced challenges with ballroom dancing, incorporating Latin style, and managing her nerves. There was also a peculiar moment during the series when everyone fixated on the length of her arms, as if she were Mr Tickle.

In her usual rollercoaster fashion, she went from achieving a score of 38 points in Blackpool to being eliminated. This week, she was unlucky to receive the technically challenging cha-cha as her dance. If she had performed a quickstep, salsa, or Couple’s Choice (which is often seen as an easy option), she likely would have made it through. Unfortunately, the chosen disco song did not quite match the Cuban rhythms of the cha-cha.

Unfortunately, she will be leaving with an outstanding average score of more than 30 points. She also managed to gather 10 pieces of fabric for her two daughters, who lovingly saved scraps from her dress every week for a special keepsake box. Luckily, she will be able to spend this week at home with her family, opening advent calendars instead of being stuck in a training room. Go ahead and treat yourself to some chocolate, Angela, you deserve it.

Angela Scanlon’s cha cha.

Both Layton Williams and Nigel Harman are likely feeling fortunate tonight. There has been significant discontent, understandably, regarding Layton’s previous dance background. It seems like this could potentially have negative consequences for him in the final stretch.

Due to a lack of public backing, when he dropped from the top positions to the middle of the leaderboard, he was forced to participate in the dance-off. The fact that Shirley Ballas stated she would have eliminated him did not bode well. However, Musicals Week may be more suitable for him given his extensive experience in the West End. Layton will need to aim for higher scores in the 30s in order to have a chance at making it to the finale.

Nigel can credit the public for helping him avoid danger once more. His lackluster rumba landed him in second to last place on the scoreboard for the second time. He consistently receives scores in the range of 33 or 34 points. Although he has received a few nines, most of his scores are 8s and he has yet to receive a perfect 10. Nigel must make improvements quickly. Fortunately, Musicals Week may be an opportune time for him as a seasoned theater performer.

Tune, though.

As the two leaving individuals dance gracefully to Take That’s “Rule The World,” the credits begin to scroll and their fellow cast members join them in expressing their sympathies. Please continue to watch as we provide analysis and responses.

Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu’s last dance.

Source: theguardian.com