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Television lineup for the evening: Boris Johnson, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and other individuals reflect on the day the war began.
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Television lineup for the evening: Boris Johnson, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and other individuals reflect on the day the war began.

Putin vs the West: At War

9pm, BBC Two

It has been nearly two years since Ukraine was invaded by Russia. This is the second installment of Norma Percy’s account of the events, which provides an insider perspective. In the first part, leaders such as Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, and UN ambassadors openly discuss how Putin’s actions aimed to disrupt Nato and challenge Ukraine’s allies on the day of the expected invasion.

Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop

8pm, Channel 4


In the most recent installment of this revealing series, Mosley delves into the topic of foods that can cause illness. He meets with Ricardo and Ambrose, who are concerned about their heart health and weight leading up to their wedding. Additionally, Mosley learns about a beverage called a “skinny girl shot.”

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

In the first part of a gripping two-part episode, the team, with their dark humor still present, examines the preserved body of a woman who passed away alone in an apartment. No one noticed this unidentified woman’s absence for an entire year. Who was she? The Lyell team is pulled into a shady underworld of crime to uncover the answer.

Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness

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Originating from the Identical Unknown Source.

9pm, ITV1

“It’s similar to the game Whac-a-Mole; they constantly appear!” The emotional and gripping show follows individuals who were conceived through sperm donation as they search for their half-siblings. In the latest episode, Isabel connects with her egg donor and discovers she has a biological twin who was born seven years prior to her.

Capturing a Copper

9pm, Channel 4

The latest addition to the Avon and Somerset Police’s professional standards department gives officers the ability to use cameras. This initiative focuses on incidents where officers have been accused of severe mistreatment or sexual exploitation, such as in the case of a woman with mental health problems who claims she was ridiculed by two officers. HR

True Detective: Night Country

9pm, Sky Atlantic

Jodie Foster takes on the lead role and the moody, macho murder anthology has been moved to the never-ending darkness of Alaska for season four, giving it a new and chilly perspective. Reunited with her former partner, Foster’s tough police chief Danvers discovers even more connections between the murders at the research station and one of her coldest unsolved cases. Written by Graeme Virtue.

Film choice

The Lost City of Z (James Gray, 2016), 9pm, Great! Movies

Charlie Hunnam as Amazon explorer James Gray in The Lost City of Z

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Percy Fawcett was part of a group of explorers from Britain’s time of imperialism who were fascinated by the unexplored areas of the world. Unfortunately, some of these explorers met tragic ends. In the period adventure directed by James Gray, Charlie Hunnam portrays Fawcett as a stoic soldier, but also shows his compassion towards the people he meets. This leads to success on his expeditions in the uncharted Amazon, where he discovers a mysterious lost civilization. While Fawcett becomes obsessed with this discovery, he never reaches the extreme levels of obsession seen in characters from Werner Herzog films. However, there is still enough danger and excitement to keep viewers engaged.

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