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Young country diary: What’s that droning noise coming from the river? | Anna
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Young country diary: What’s that droning noise coming from the river? | Anna

I love going back to the same riverside path at the edge of the city. It’s so familiar, but thanks to nature no visit is ever the same. I took my first outdoor steps here beside pink flowers with seeds you can pop, visited the ducks on a snowy Christmas morning and walked my friend’s dog through a meadow with cows.

But one spring afternoon this year was the most amazing yet. I have never seen or heard anything so spectacular in nature. I was walking with my dad when I saw a frog hop across the muddy path. We then crossed a bridge to the other side of the river. There was a droning noise. At first I thought this was coming from planes overhead.

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But we looked down into the river and saw hundreds, maybe even thousands, of frogs. Around them there were masses of frogspawn. If I was to touch it, I think it would have a similar texture to jelly. The green creatures seemed to be having an annual ceremony. I think they chose this spot as it’s a very still part of the river, sheltered by tall, thick trees. We also saw lots of different types of ducks.

I am very happy to see this as it shows the river is thriving with wildlife, this is great news for the environment in my local area. I am going to go back to the river soon to see how the frogspawn is getting on.
Anna, 12

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