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Young country diary: How much wildlife could I see from a car window? | John
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Young country diary: How much wildlife could I see from a car window? | John

We were going to take a flight from Stansted airport, and as we whizzed out of London I decided to conduct a kind of city boy’s experiment: what wildlife could I observe on the way? While we were still in London, buildings dominated the scenery and nature was nowhere to be found. I looked forward to the motorway, in the hope of spotting something on the green strips by the road.

John finally among some greenery, far from the motorway.View image in fullscreen

What did I see? An almost endless stream of litter. Plastic bags, cups, countless unidentifiable pieces of rubbish, even old tyres.

The further we drove, the more green I saw. I took my city boy’s experiment seriously, concentrating my gaze on the landscape, my eyes flitting between the verges next to the road and the meadows I could see between the bushes. I was especially hoping to observe pheasants in the fields, in mating season.

With every new bit of plastic pollution, my hopes of spotting wildlife waned. I did detect some farm animals: cows, horses and sheep. Disappointingly, the only wild animals were crows, many of them, and a couple of magpies.

Then, about a mile before Stansted, my experiment finally paid off. I saw not one, not two, but seven rabbits grazing and hopping on the grass next to the motorway! My conclusion is “less litter so we can see more animals”.
John, nine

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Source: theguardian.com