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Weatherwatch: Tree-planting campaigns get a lift from Irish guide
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Weatherwatch: Tree-planting campaigns get a lift from Irish guide


Since the phrase “Plant a tree in ’73” was created, there have been multiple efforts to promote the growth of woodlands in Britain. In the past 50 years (since 1973), the amount of tree coverage in the UK has doubled to approximately 13%, which is still considerably lower than the 39% average in the European Union.

Recently, there has been a heightened recognition of the crucial role trees play in absorbing carbon and maintaining cooler temperatures in urban areas during the summer. As a result, numerous councils and environmental organizations have made increased tree planting a primary objective.

However, despite attempts to make our cities and rural areas more environmentally friendly, one major issue persists: the failure to properly care for newly planted saplings. Every year, thousands of young trees do not survive because they are not provided with nourishment, water, and protection during their critical initial months. Typically, it takes between two to three years for recently transplanted trees to establish deep enough root systems to sustain themselves.

The Irish people face a similar issue with a tree coverage of only 11%, compared to the natural forest coverage of 80% in the past. Their effective solution is a comprehensive guide on tree-planting, which addresses all aspects such as selecting suitable species, soil type, hole-digging, and proper aftercare.

Source: theguardian.com