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We will continue to raise awareness about the suffering in Gaza because human rights and climate justice are inseparable. – Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future Sweden


Over 15,000 individuals, including at least 6,000 children, have been reported to have been killed by Israel in the Gaza Strip in just a few weeks. The death toll continues to increase as Israel targets essential societal infrastructure and civilian areas, such as hospitals, schools, shelters, and refugee camps. Israel has also implemented a blockade, preventing necessary resources like food, medicine, water, and fuel from reaching the 2.3 million Palestinians living in the occupied Gaza Strip. Oxfam has accused Israel of using starvation as a tactic of war.

Numerous United Nations specialists have characterized the state of affairs as “an imminent genocide,” with numerous international scholars also speaking out against it. Renowned Israeli expert on genocide, Raz Segal, has labeled it as “a clear example of genocide.” However, the majority of the world, especially those in the global north, are turning a blind eye to the issue.

Despite the horrific events happening in Gaza, there are some who are shifting the public discussion towards discrediting the statements made by young activists in the climate justice movement. However, it is important to clarify that Fridays for Future has not suddenly become radical or political. We have always been a political movement, as our fight for justice has always been at the core of our beliefs. Our support for Palestinians and all innocent civilians affected by the conflict has never wavered.

Promoting climate justice originates from a deep concern for individuals and their basic rights. This includes raising our voices when people are experiencing hardship, being displaced from their homes, or losing their lives, regardless of the reason. This is also why we have stood in solidarity with marginalized communities, such as those in Sápmi, Kurdistan, and Ukraine, in their fight against imperialism and oppression. Our support for Palestine follows the same principles, and we will not allow the public’s attention to stray from the immense suffering currently endured by Palestinians.

Because we have received a lot of unwarranted attention and our position has been misinterpreted, we want to reiterate our stance. Each Fridays for Future group operates independently and this statement only reflects the opinions of FFF Sweden.

The brutal killings of innocent Israeli citizens by Hamas do not justify or make legitimate the ongoing war crimes committed by Israel. The act of genocide cannot be considered self-defense, and it is not a proportional or justifiable response. It is important to also acknowledge the fact that these events are occurring within the larger context of Palestinians enduring oppressive conditions for decades, as defined by Amnesty International as an apartheid regime. As a Swedish movement, it is our duty to speak out about this situation, especially since Sweden has military ties with Israeli arms companies, making Sweden a contributor to Israel’s occupation and mass murders.

There has been a notable rise in the occurrence of prejudiced and discriminatory behavior towards the Jewish and Muslim communities in Sweden and globally. The head of the dominant political party in Sweden’s conservative coalition has proposed destroying mosques, and a synagogue in Malmö was targeted with an incident of burning the Israeli flag. This type of behavior is unacceptable and we strongly denounce all forms of bias, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. It is crucial for anyone addressing this issue to differentiate between Hamas, Muslims, and Palestinians, as well as between the nation of Israel, Jewish individuals, and Israelis.

We mourn the loss of lives in recent weeks and are shocked by the ongoing increase in numbers. The mortality rate in Gaza has reached a record level, with numerous children losing their lives in a short period of time. This level of suffering is unfathomable and must not be permitted to persist. As fellow human beings, we have a duty to speak up when the UN urges the international community to take action and prevent genocide.

We urge all individuals who are able to speak out against this unjust violence and put an end to it, as it is a matter of human decency. Remaining silent only contributes to the problem. One cannot remain neutral when faced with a genocide.

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Greta Thunberg (pronouns: she/her) is a Swedish activist who sparked the Fridays for Future movement, which encourages students to skip school in protest of global inaction on climate change.

Alde Nilsson, a student of global development and an activist for climate justice with Fridays for Future Sweden, goes by all pronouns.

, is using their platform and expertise to challenge the narrative around sustainability and climate change.

Jamie Mater (pronouns: they/them) is a climate justice activist and researcher for Fridays for Future Sweden. They are utilizing their platform and knowledge to question the prevailing beliefs about sustainability and the impact of climate change.

, works to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for intersectional climate justice

Raquel Frescia, a writer, researcher, and climate justice activist from Fridays for Future Sweden, strives to uplift underrepresented voices and promote a holistic approach to climate justice.

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