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The rising levels of the Rhine have resulted in the closure of certain sections for shipping purposes, according to the weather tracking system.

The water levels of the Rhine were extremely elevated last week due to intense precipitation in the surrounding region and subsequent melting of snow.

The inland navigation authority announced that certain areas of the lower Rhine in southern Germany, specifically near Maxau and Speyer, were not open for shipping on Friday due to congestion.

The river’s water levels increased in the middle and lower sections over the weekend, but there were no issues except in the southern area.

The Rhine River serves as a crucial waterway in central Europe for transporting goods. When water levels are elevated, vessels may encounter restrictions when passing under bridges due to limited clearance.

During recent dry summers, the river experienced abnormally low levels, preventing certain vessels from being able to sail.

It is expected that Monday and Tuesday will see dry weather in most of the catchment area, with the exception of the far north where there may be showers and continuous rain. By Wednesday, rain will move through the entire catchment area, followed by showers, sleet, and snow for the rest of the week. This will keep river levels high leading up to Christmas.

Recently, China has experienced extreme weather conditions, going from abnormally warm temperatures during the summer to extremely cold temperatures that have never been seen before. This has resulted in at least 30 weather stations breaking the record for lowest temperature in December, with an additional five stations setting a new record for the lowest temperature of the year. In cities like Datong and Yunzhou, temperatures dropped to a staggering -31.9C.

Last week and over the weekend, heavy snowfall and a strong area of high pressure have resulted in extremely cold temperatures in many parts of eastern Asia. These low temperatures are anticipated to persist until Sunday, with a possibility of slightly warmer weather during the Christmas season.

The state of Queensland in Australia is currently facing a highly severe flood situation, which is a result of the ongoing impacts of Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

An unusually large amount of rain has fallen in the Cairns area of northern Queensland. Within a span of 12 hours, two rain gauges recorded a remarkable 660mm (26in) of rain, breaking the previous record for the entire state of 617mm set back in 1972.

The continuous heavy rain has caused extensive and major flooding in the North Tropical Coast, and the Barron River, Myola, has reached its highest flood level in over 100 years.

Source: theguardian.com