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The 2023 Mangrove Photography Awards – Captured in Images

The Sundarbans, a complex network of waterways and islands, is one of the last remaining wild places on Earth and a hub of biodiversity. According to scientific predictions, the entire coastal region of Bangladesh surrounding the Sundarbans will be submerged by 2050. Helena Begium, 55, is shown in the picture and shares her experience: “Six months ago, during Cyclone Amphan, I lost all my domestic animals and cattle. I now live alone in our ruined home. My children have moved to the city in search of work. There is no employment available and we can barely catch enough fish to survive. I have very little food left. It is uncertain how I will endure these hardships.”

Image captured by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, winner of the Mangroves Photography Awards in 2023.

Source: theguardian.com