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Teenagers were removed from the Victorian parliament after protesting about climate change, claiming that politicians are not fulfilling their duties.

Three students from the Victorian era who organized a demonstration in the state parliament during the session for questioning claim that they were compelled to take action because of the government’s lack of action on addressing climate change.

During Tuesday afternoon’s question time, a brief pause occurred when three individuals revealed banners from the public gallery. These banners were promoting the upcoming Schools Strike 4 Climate rally on Friday, where Australian schoolchildren plan to skip class in order to demand more effective measures against climate change.

Joey Thompson, Myles Wilkinson, and Diana (who requested to remain anonymous) sang “Which side are you on? History will remember you” to the members of parliament before being escorted out by protective service officers.

Maree Edwards, the Speaker, instructed members of Parliament to exit the chamber for approximately eight minutes before resuming proceedings.

Following the demonstration, the three individuals stated that they were instructed to refrain from being near the parliament for a period of seven days.

Nineteen-year-old Diana expressed that instead of protesting, young individuals should be out enjoying their lives. However, they feel compelled to protest due to the incompetence of politicians.

According to the speaker, students are choosing to take a break from school because politicians are ignoring the expertise and experience of those who have been studying research and climate catastrophes for many years. This lack of attention to evidence makes attending school seem pointless.

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Thompson, who is 16 years old, stated, “It is not us who require instruction here. It is the politicians in this parliament who must learn that the use of fossil fuels is not acceptable.”

Sixteen-year-old Wilkinson encouraged students from Victoria to participate in the upcoming rally.

He stated that the government’s responsibility is to safeguard its citizens, but it is currently permitting and financing the ongoing removal, transport, and combustion of fossil fuels that are contributing to the climate emergency. This poses a threat to all living beings on Earth, including humanity.

“We are here at parliament today to call for an immediate halt to all future coal and gas developments in Australia.”

Victoria police have stated that they will not be pursuing charges against the students. The police were alerted to the situation at Parliament House when the students displayed banners, and subsequently spoke to them before escorting them out of the building.

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The Greens, with their four representatives in the lower house, supported the demonstration and even took a selfie during the event.

“Richmond MP Gabrielle de Vietri shared on X about the brave students who are protesting for an end to the use of coal and gas, and for a secure future for our climate.”

The PSOs shut down the time for questioning and removed the protesters. When the fate of the Earth is in danger, continuing with normal operations is no longer acceptable.

James Newbury, the Manager of Opposition Business, urged the Speaker to send De Vietri’s post to the privileges committee.

He expressed that he believes all members of this place are worried about the photo being posted and that a member has taken and promoted the protest.

The leader, Jacinta Allan, briefly expressed gratitude to the parliamentary staff for ensuring the safety and security of MPs, but did not address the protest when question time resumed.

She expressed her gratitude for their help in resuming our question time. She was very happy.

Source: theguardian.com