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Sunak joins farming protest alongside net zero and climate conspiracy organization
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Sunak joins farming protest alongside net zero and climate conspiracy organization

According to the Observer, Rishi Sunak participated in a demonstration with a group that promotes conspiracy theories about climate change and advocates against achieving net zero emissions.

The farmers and wildlife groups have accused the prime minister of catering to extremists. They are urging him to consider reason and logic, rather than conspiracy theories.

Sunak is making a deliberate attempt to enhance his party’s position in rural regions, as recent polls indicate that they are at risk of losing the majority of countryside seats to Labour and the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming general election. He recently delivered a keynote speech at the National Farmers’ Union conference, reassuring farmers that he supports them.

Last Friday, he joined a farmers’ demonstration against the Welsh Labour government’s plan to implement a new payment system that requires farmers to demonstrate that 10% of their land is forest and 10% is suitable habitat for wildlife. He was seen with fellow farmer Gareth Wyn Jones and stood beside signs displaying the campaign slogan “No Farmers No Food”.

James Melville, a GB News commentator and communications consultant, initiated and runs the campaign with the backing of prominent advocate Wyn Jones.

Sunak participated in the demonstration alongside Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives. He addressed the gathered crowd, which included individuals with tractors, and stated that they had been used as “guinea pigs” by the Labour party. In a conversation with Wyn Jones, Sunak expressed his disapproval of the new subsidies program, stating that it would negatively affect jobs, livelihoods, incomes, and food production across the nation. He deemed it unjust.

The No Farmers No Food initiative opposes the concept of achieving net-zero and has spread theories of conspiracy regarding efforts to address climate change. Additionally, Melville has raised doubts about the impact of climate breakdown and has also shared conspiracy theories about achieving net-zero.

The manifesto criticizes the UK government’s fixation on achieving net zero and urges them to stop implementing climate policies.

The Twitter/X profile for the organization posted a belief that the World Economic Forum (WEF) plans to make individuals consume insects in order to achieve net zero, sharing a tweet from former LBC host Maajid Nawaz that read: “Farmers are the only thing stopping us from the WEF’s agenda of us eating bugs, owning nothing, and being content.” Melville also retweeted a post promoting the same conspiracy theory that stated: “The alliance of Bill Gates, the Chinese Communist Party, and the WEF will result in the loss of all privately owned farmland. Their goal is for you to eat bugs.”

Melville has spread false information about local governments implementing “climate lockdowns” and criticized the constant fear-mongering tactics surrounding climate change and net zero goals. He also noted the similarities between these tactics and those used during lockdowns, as well as the vilification of anyone who questions the mainstream narrative.

The CEO of the Wildlife Trusts, Craig Bennett, expressed concern about the prime minister’s presence at the protest, stating that it was “deeply worrying.” Instead of catering to uninformed extremists, Bennett believes that the prime minister should be engaging with farmers who are actively working to combat biodiversity loss and the effects of climate change. It would be beneficial if the prime minister placed more value on science, reason, and logic.

Martin Lines, a farmer who grows crops, and also the CEO of the Nature Friendly Farming Network, expressed his disappointment with the prime minister’s recent attendance at a protest. He stated that climate change is already negatively affecting his business and food production, and that scientific evidence suggests it will continue to worsen if we do not decrease emissions. He finds it disheartening that the protest group in question is opposed to net zero measures.

A representative for the government did not respond to the allegations, but stated: “We stand with farmers and recently announced a significant new aid package for rural communities in order to safeguard British farming for future generations.”

The upcoming fiscal year will see a record-breaking grant offer of £427 million being extended to farmers, along with an unparalleled allocation for technology and productivity initiatives.

Melville told the Observer: “These are individual views and not to do with the campaign which includes a lot of different credible people. The farming campaign is not a slavish obsession with net zero, far from it. It is to point out a number of key issues.”

He stated that individuals are entitled to express a variety of opinions on climate lockdowns and the WEF’s promotion of bug consumption without being labeled as conspiracy theorists. He clarified that these opinions are not associated with the farming campaign, but rather his personal beliefs.

Gareth Wyn Jones has been reached out to for his response.

Source: theguardian.com