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Starmer informed by unions about members' frustration regarding stance on Gaza ceasefire.
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Starmer informed by unions about members’ frustration regarding stance on Gaza ceasefire.

The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has been warned by union leaders that his stance on Gaza could potentially isolate a large portion of the British population. They have expressed their members’ growing frustration over his decision not to demand an immediate end to the conflict in the Middle East.

During a routine meeting this week, representatives from the largest unions in Britain urged Starmer to express stronger criticism towards Israel. This comes after several weeks of tension within the Labour party surrounding this issue.

Many also advised him against revoking his commitments to fighting climate change, indicating that unions will likely attempt to exert their influence on Labour’s policy-making as the party prepares its election manifesto.

According to a source familiar with the meeting, multiple individuals expressed their concerns to Starmer during the meeting. They stated, “Your stance on Gaza is causing a divide with working-class individuals and is not aligned with the majority.”

The individual stated that the leader of the Labour party expressed a desire for western nations to strive towards a lasting ceasefire, rather than demanding an immediate declaration.

The way Starmer has handled the Israel-Gaza conflict has caused friction between him and numerous Labour MPs, councillors, and members for several weeks.

In a previous interview, he seemed to imply that Israel had the authority to restrict water and electricity access to Gaza. While he has since changed his stance, several of his coworkers and followers are still upset that he has not expressed more empathy towards the struggles of Gaza residents.

The green policies of Labour have now posed a challenge for certain members of the left. There are discussions among shadow ministers about potentially reducing their promise to allocate £28 billion annually for green initiatives if they win the election this year. Two union leaders have advised Starmer against retracting the pledge, which he has recently referred to as an “aspiration” instead of a guarantee.

According to sources familiar with the meeting, Starmer provided reassurance that he would not take such action. However, his shadow cabinet is currently exploring strategies to reduce the impact of Conservative criticisms of the scheme, which are expected to increase during an election campaign.

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A representative for Starmer did not reply to a inquiry for a statement.

Source: theguardian.com