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My peers observe a decline in Australia. By implementing bold changes in housing and taking responsible steps towards addressing climate change, the Liberal party can take control of the agenda.
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My peers observe a decline in Australia. By implementing bold changes in housing and taking responsible steps towards addressing climate change, the Liberal party can take control of the agenda.

The primary causes of insecurity and uncertainty among my generation are twofold.

Feeling insecure due to the unattainability of owning a home and having a stake in Australia’s future. Experiencing uncertainty and anxiety about climate change and the lack of clear policy addressing it.

Many young Australians feel that their nation is experiencing a decline, as evidenced by two main concerns: a sense of powerlessness and unfulfilled aspirations.

Young Australians are greatly concerned about their world and the environment, and are driven by their understanding of their role in it. Home ownership is a significant issue for them as it represents a sense of place and belonging.

The Liberal party has a chance to establish a new foundation of backing.

According to Robert Menzies, true freedoms include the ability to practice religion, think freely, express oneself, make choices, have ambition, be self-sufficient, work hard, develop skills, and pursue rewards.

This is the core principle of individual freedom and empowerment that the Liberal party strives for at its best.

However, these words do not resonate with my generation. The youth will not strive to preserve a system that is not benefiting them.

If the Liberal party can provide optimism and confidence through progressive changes in the housing sector and responsible measures for addressing climate issues, it has the potential to attract a fresh group of ambitious voters.

This presents a chance to fulfill Menzies’ vision of a party that enables individuals to create, thrive, make choices, and freely pursue their objectives.

Owning a home connects to fundamental concepts of equality and chances for success. By symbolizing opportunity, it also strengthens a thriving democracy. Additionally, it provides financial stability and serves as a cornerstone for a strong middle class.

The Australian youth who are trying to buy a home are confronted with a complex set of planning regulations and uncooperative tax obstacles that either drive up prices due to speculative actions or hinder downsizing.

Although it is important to have a conversation about the impact of immigration numbers on prices, it is ultimately a minor matter.

The Liberal party must demonstrate courage and address this problem at its source: the supply. The implementation of high-density housing, executed effectively in areas with strong transportation connections and public facilities, is the solution moving forward.

It may not be advantageous in the immediate future from a political standpoint. Resistance from local residents is a powerful obstacle. However, it is necessary to expand opportunities and guarantee that individuals my age in Australia have a fair chance at creating a successful future for themselves and their loved ones.

This approach has been validated, as the Canadian Conservative party has seen a notable increase in support from younger individuals due to their pro-housing supply initiatives.

Climate action and reaching net zero are important goals for the sake of future generations of Australians. Here, the Liberal party needs to address the concerns of my generation in an honest, sensible and realistic way.

It would be a tragedy to implement policies that claim to safeguard our environment for future generations, only to burden them with immense debt, exorbitant energy costs, and frequent power outages.

The Liberal party can tap into the creative energy of Australian businesses and support deregulation, particularly in the field of industrial relations. This would help reduce costs for mining essential minerals, promote green research and development, and create more job opportunities for young individuals.

Allowing the use of nuclear energy and acknowledging the importance of natural gas in transitioning away from coal are positive and practical steps. It is crucial for the Liberal party to avoid relying on heavy-handed government tactics. The government should not intervene in determining which energy sources will be successful. Instead, the responsibility should be left to the free market to determine the best course of action, whether it be nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, or hydrogen.

The political group promoting policies that expand housing opportunities for youth and effectively address climate change can establish a lasting support base.

I strongly believe that the Liberal party’s policy of empowering individuals and promoting private enterprise is the key to fulfilling the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of young Australians that have yet to be realized.

  • Chanum Torres holds the position of president within the NSW Young Liberals organization.

Source: theguardian.com