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Diary of Cop28: Gaming, Yachts Powered by Solar Energy, and Enormous Fossils.

to lure young recruits

Dubai police are using creative methods to attract young recruits.

Dubai police released a mobile game called Cop28 Adventures prior to the climate conference, making it one of the more unusual connections to the event.

The game allows players to discover beautiful locations in the UAE, make important choices, and strive for the best cooperation score. As a delegate at a conference, you can create policies, tackle environmental issues, and work with others from around the world.

The credit for the game goes to the Dubai police, known for their previous releases such as:

  • Discover Your Responsibilities and Privileges (“explore your entitlements in an enjoyable and straightforward manner”).

  • The goal of My Child, My Friend is to improve communication and foster friendship between parents and their children.

  • Promote safety by educating the public on positive behaviors to follow and negative behaviors to avoid.

The event also includes drone racing, something that is typically not included in traditional delegate experiences. This may encourage future hosts to consider incorporating gamification into negotiations in order to accelerate climate action. AE

Luxury yachts available for purchase with a focus on environmental responsibility.

For those who have dreamed of sailing on a yacht in the warm, heated waters but feel concerned about the environmental impact, there is good news: eco-friendly yachting is now available at Cop28.

Sunreef Yachts, a Polish yacht-maker, held an event under the scorching Dubai sun extolling its range of solar-powered vessels. The company’s representatives acknowledged the rather ungreen image of superyachts, admitting that the 300 biggest boats in the world cause as much emissions as 10 million people.

According to Artur Poloczanski, the PR director of Sunreef, it is important to acknowledge that yacht-builders often have a negative image when it comes to sustainability.

Poloczanski acknowledged that the emissions from yachts were concerning, stating that the yachting industry is quite varied. However, he also noted that the purpose of the conversation was to explore potential alternatives.

Several Sunreef yachts contain a solar “skin” that can generate power, stored by batteries. Some can run on hydrogen fuel cells, too. However, the company also sells extremely large vessels that contain private spas, gyms, outdoor cinemas and space for jetskis, powered by tanks holding up to 5,200 gallons of fuel. OM

The recipient of the fossil of the day award is…

Sheep in South Island, New Zealand

At the conference, the organization Climate Action Network (CAN) distributes daily awards for the “fossil of the day” to those who hinder environmental efforts. The winners are chosen by the organization’s numerous international members.

The first to receive this dubious honour was New Zealand, whose new government plans to expand oil and gas exploration. Next up was Brazil, for its decision as the conference opened to align itself with Opec, and for the country’s planned oil expansion.

Other laureates include the US, the world’s biggest polluter, which CAN criticised for weakening the language of official texts, and the Canadian province of Alberta, whose premier, Danielle Smith, used to work as a fossil fuel lobbyist and who the group accuse of attempting to sabotage negotiations.

Next week, the “colossal fossil” award will be given to the most prominent antagonist at the negotiations. The United States will likely not want to retain its title.

Source: theguardian.com