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Chris Bowen urges News Corp to remove Andrew Bolt from his position after he wrote a column stating that Australians are tired of “catering to the underdeveloped.”

Chris Bowen has called on News Corp to sack Andrew Bolt after the controversial commentator penned a column suggesting Australians are “sick of kowtowing to the primitive”.

On Wednesday, Bolt publicly criticized the climate change minister for putting on what he believed was a solo act at the United Nations’ event in Dubai focused on global warming. He specifically took issue with the minister’s speech, which he saw as connecting the government’s divisive tribalism policy with their harmful campaign against the oil and gas industry.

Following a final dispute, approximately 200 countries at the Cop28 conference on climate in Dubai reached a consensus on a new agreement that requires all nations to shift away from fossil fuels in order to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change.

Bowen began his address at the UN summit by recognizing the importance of honoring Indigenous peoples who have nurtured their lands for thousands of years. He emphasized that this respect should be central to any efforts towards addressing climate change.

He reiterated the government’s dedication to involving First Nations individuals in its actions towards addressing the climate emergency and shifting towards renewable energy. This includes acknowledging the importance of valuing Indigenous knowledge, cultures, and traditional practices.

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Bolt retorted to Bowen’s comments by denouncing them as “senseless grandstanding” and asserting that “every individual in Australia undoubtedly has ancestral ties to indigenous peoples from ancient times on this planet.”

He asked if Bowen’s request for recognition of the Celtic people included the United Kingdom, Germany’s Saxons, France’s Gauls, and central Italy’s Romans – or if he was only giving praise to non-white individuals as “indigenous people”.

Bolt continued, stating that Bowen likely did not realize that the term “indigenous peoples,” which he believes have been taking care of the land for thousands of years, also includes white European tribes, as well as the Japanese and Han Chinese.

“Why is that? It is because those individuals abandoned their traditional knowledge in favor of using logic and scientific methods to improve their quality of life and avoid premature death and poverty.”

Bolt went on to say: “In contrast, we’re supposed to show ‘profound respect’ for the “indigenous knowledge” of Aboriginal people, some of whom are now in the Federal Court trying to stop a $5.6bn offshore gas project by claiming an undersea pipeline will upset a man-turned crocodile they claim has lived in that patch of ocean since the Dreamtime.”

Bolt argued that Bowen’s views were not only racist, but also anti-science, making him a danger to Australia. He questioned whether Bowen and Albanese were aware that many Australians are tired of catering to outdated beliefs.

Bowen utilized social media to reply. The official remarked: “Similar to the majority of Australians, I typically disregard Andrew Bolt.”

However, this time I will not.

“He is displaying racism and disgust towards First Nations people by labeling them as ‘primitive’. News Ltd should terminate his employment.”

Bolt responded to Bowen’s comments by telling Guardian Australia that Bowen had once again embarrassed himself by confirming his lack of understanding and poor comprehension skills.

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“I do not refer to Aborigines as ‘primitive’,” he stated. “In fact, I have Aboriginal friends who are much more advanced than our energy minister.”

I refer to “primitive” as a belief in a man who has transformed into a crocodile and would cause chaos for Tiwi Islanders if an underwater gas pipeline were to be built in his designated portion of the sea.

The ABC reported that during the legal dispute between Tiwi Islanders and Santos regarding the proposed pipeline, the federal court was informed that Wiyapurali, known as the Crocodile Man, and Mother Ampitji, a Tiwi representation of the Rainbow Serpent, inhabit the deeper waters and sea floor along the proposed pipeline path. The court was told that any disturbance to these entities would have negative effects on the Tiwi community.

Bolt stated that a minister in charge of energy who allows personal beliefs, currently being examined in a federal court, to hinder a significant gas project, is an unsophisticated individual who should not be relied upon to manage our electricity system, which is currently deteriorating under their care.

The writer, known for consistently opposing efforts to decrease emissions, has previously characterized global warming as a “trend among the upper class.”

The speaker is recognized for endorsing the opinions of those who deny climate science, and for personally criticizing “alarmists” and mocking the science of climate change.

However, in 2019, Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corp, stated that “I can assure you there are no climate change deniers around,” in response to a question at the company’s annual meeting about why his company gives them a platform in Australia.

News Corp has been reached out to for a statement.

Source: theguardian.com