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Australian EV sales have increased by 185% since 2022

Sales of electric vehicles in Australia have more than doubled this year compared to 2022 but industry experts say the figure could be even higher had the government introduced long-promised fuel efficiency standards.

The year-to-date sales of battery electric vehicles (EVs) have hit 80,446 compared to 28,326 for the same period last year, an increase of 185%, according to figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. EVs made up 7.2% of all motor vehicle sales so far this year.

Tony Weber, the chief executive of the chamber, expressed optimism that the results would be impressive. However, the outcome exceeded even their highest expectations. This statement was made on Tuesday.

According to Behyad Jafari, the head of the Electric Vehicle Council, there has been a consistent increase in electric car sales for three consecutive years, with 2023 being the most recent year where sales have more than doubled compared to the previous year. This is due to the supply of electric cars finally meeting the demand.

Australians have also been able to purchase models priced below $40,000 at a lower cost.

Jafari stated that the supply in Australia is still hindered due to the lack of government legislation on a fuel efficiency standard. This standard would limit emissions from a manufacturer’s total sales and encourage the sale of low- and zero-emissions vehicles while penalizing those that do not comply.

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In August, the US government announced that the implementation of a fuel efficiency standard received strong support during public consultations. The government plans to conduct an impact analysis and share the specifics of their chosen model for the standard by the end of this year.

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Jafari expressed disappointment for Australians across all levels due to the delay.

The number of electric vehicles in Australia has been increasing at a rate of two times every year. However, we are still lagging behind other global markets in terms of adoption. This suggests that if we had equal access to electric cars and their variety and availability, our sales could potentially be much higher.

The delay in implementing these standards can be attributed to the federal government.

According to Weber, increased availability of charging infrastructure will provide a boost to the government’s national electric vehicle strategy.

BYD, the second most popular electric vehicle brand in Australia, declared that it will establish 30 new retail outlets and additional service centers within 18 months in an effort to surpass Tesla as the top brand in the market.

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, BYD sold a total of 9,700 electric vehicles this year, while Tesla sold 40,000.

BYD has a range of electric vehicles available in Australia, including the Atto 3 SUV, Dolphin hatchback, and Seal sports car. In 2024, they plan to release two more models, including an electric hybrid with a particularly impressive driving range.

According to Luke Todd, the CEO of EV Direct, our company’s Australian partner, we currently offer three top-notch electric vehicles that are all available for less than $50,000.

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