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Arrests Made at Port of Newcastle Demonstration Against Climate Change – Live Updates

The border of Queensland, located in South Murwillumbah, marks the initial discovery of invasive fire ants in New South Wales since the infestation first appeared in Queensland.

  • For the seventh consecutive week, large gatherings of Australians have taken place in major cities, urging for a permanent end to hostilities in Gaza. This comes after a protest held in Sydney this morning by those in support of Israel, demanding the release of all hostages.

  • Two major demonstrations took place in the central business district of Sydney today.

    The New South Wales police have verified that their operation, which was highly visible, ended at 5pm. No incidents or arrests were reported.

    Today, supporters of Israel gathered to demand the release of remaining hostages held by Hamas. Later in the day, a pro-Palestine rally took place, urging for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank.

    The NSW police released a statement stating that a significant number of officers were present in the city to control the crowds, which they approximated to be around 7,000 for both events.

    The chief in charge of the operation, assistant commissioner Brett Greentree, stated that each group was able to gather without any difficulties.

    Our continued partnership with the event organizers ensured that the significant crowd in attendance was able to protest safely.

    New South Wales.

    Christopher Karmadonoff, aged 22, was last spotted entering a wooded area near Back Creek Road in Nethercote at approximately 10:30 AM yesterday.

    The police were notified after he did not come back from his hike and could not be found or reached.

    Law enforcement personnel, the State Emergency Service, and a helicopter have carried out a thorough search of the land and air in the vicinity, but have been unsuccessful in finding the 22-year-old individual, who had brought provisions with him.

    The NSW police expressed “grave concerns” for his well-being and encouraged anyone with knowledge to reach out to their local police.

    Christopher is a Caucasian man who stands at 187cm tall and has a medium build. He also has brown hair.

    His most recent appearance was in a green or blue fishing shirt, board shorts, and work boots.

    Advocate for action on climate change.

    The embargo was scheduled to conclude at 4pm.

    Sydney Bowen was questioned about the potential outcome when the temporary halt in aerial attacks concludes.

    He said:

    We persist in urging for actions to establish a ceasefire. A longer-lasting ceasefire will benefit the world, the region, and the people of Palestine. In the end, I believe Israel can only truly achieve security and freedom when Palestine also attains security and freedom. This is our ultimate goal in the long run.

    Visit the Emergency WA website for additional information.

    Demonstrators who have been preventing access to the biggest coal port in the world due to their belief that the government has not taken sufficient action against climate change have described their overnight demonstration as a “wondrous” event as they near the conclusion of their protest.

    Several groups consisting of 50 to 60 protesters each took turns going out into Newcastle port’s shipping lane during the night to maintain a 30-hour blockade, set to conclude at 4pm this afternoon.

    Today, AAP was informed by local organizer Alexa Stuart.

    Pancakes were being prepared, tea was being enjoyed, dolphins were swimming in the vicinity, and individuals were observing both the sunset and sunrise. Those who participated describe it as a enchanting experience.

    According to the organization Rising Tide, their protest has successfully prevented over 500,000 tonnes of coal from being shipped out of the port.

    According to Rising Tide, ensuring safety was the top priority as the demonstrators stayed on the water, taking turns in two-hour shifts.

    The move has gained the backing of prominent figures in the Green Party and former national leader Bob Brown.

    A sea of people in orange kayaks hold their paddles high in the air

    Source: theguardian.com